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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<jxself>Ahoy there.
<civodul>howdy jxself!
<jxself> and exist now if you want a complete copy.
<jxself>I'll work to get it on later today.
<jxself>And it's HD. Woot.
<civodul>i'll check the part we missed
<viric>me too
<viric>civodul: is there any non-frustrating way of writing a manpage?
<viric>I don't like troff, I don't ilke docbook, I don't like asciidoc, ...
<viric>I might try the halibut thing
<viric>I've good memories of it
*youlysses wonders how hard it'd be to rig skribilo to write manpages.
<viric>mi ne pretas lerni tiun lispaĵon, malgraŭ ties nomo ;)
<youlysses>viric: CL, Scheme, or? :^)
<viric>tiun lingvon de skribilo
<viric>I can't stand so much parentheses
<youlysses>viric: Tio estus "Guile" tiam. Wow, it feels so long since I was looking into Esperanto -- Remembering it broke my brain. :^)
<youlysses>viric: You get used to it. I first started in that mind-set, and about a week or-so exposed to it -- I feel in love with it.
<viric>I always thought that all advertisements about easy debugging would pull me in
<viric>I love debugging.
<viric>but I never understood enough the advertised advantages
<davexunit>viric: can't stand parentheses? you might be in the wrong channel.
<viric>I'm waiting for something that will compensate for the parentheses
<davexunit>awesome code?
<viric>for example
<viric>:) no
<viric>at least, I don't understand it enough
<viric>to see what part is thanks to scheme, and what part is thanks to civodul :)
<davexunit>have you ever read any bits of SICP or the little schemer?
<davexunit>those books revealed the elegance of scheme to me.
<civodul>viric: man pages suck :-)
<viric>hm some pieces, but I don't think I understood it fully
<viric>I've more problems with info than with manpages, tbh :)
<civodul>you might have problems with the UI, but conceptually, man pages are a no-go for any non-trivial piece of software
<viric>Yes, the UI. I used tkinfo; it was more pleasant. But I agree about the limits of man pages
<viric>Now I think if I ever wrote a non-trivial piece of software. :)
<davexunit>I'm starting to learn to read info pages in emacs.
<youlysses>davexunit: Yeah, info pages are a great source of information! Syntactically though, I'm not a huge fan of texinfo -- though actual LaTex seems passable. Prior to learning about Skribilo, org-mode looks very promising to a means to exporting to info; Now I'm really looking forward to the benefits said Skribilo can/will allot. :^)