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*handheldCar installs emacs.
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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<handheldCar>Good morning. I had to 'chown 1001 /nix/store;chmod 1775 /nix/store'. never could run emacs. Trying to install it again said, "1 package in profile". Daemon output said, "560 operations".
<civodul>handheldCar: so you managed to install Emacs in your profile, right?
<civodul>the output of the daemon is not useful, don't worry about that
<handheldCar>What should I have done to run it? I'm starting over.
<civodul>well apparently you did everything right since you managed to install Emacs, no?
<handheldCar>I don't know. It would not launch. I'll try again.
<civodul>what would not launch?
<jasjsadw>handheldCar: still interested in trying emacs?
<jasjsadw>have you managed to run it?
<jasjsadw>handheldCar: you can check whether it's in your profile by typing guix package -l
<jasjsadw>if it's there, add your profile to PATH, like so: export PATH=/nix/var/nix/profiles/default/guix-profile/bin:$PATH
<jasjsadw>then 'which emacs' should list it
<civodul>jasjsadw, handheldCar: it's "guix package -I", actually
<jasjsadw>right, that's even better
<handheldCar>I don't think that PATH tip is in the info manual.
<civodul>handheldCar: the manual mention the --search-paths option
<civodul>also, look for ".guix-profile" in the manual
<jasjsadw>handheldCar: see invoking guix-package in the manual
<jasjsadw>"Thus, users can add `$HOME/.guix-profile/bin' to their `PATH' environment variable, and so on."
<jasjsadw>I think it should be mentioned earlier, but "Installation" doesn't seem to fit.
<jasjsadw>so, does it work?
*handheldCar decided to start over.
<jasjsadw>why? what's wrong?
<jasjsadw>civodul: I'm having problems with geiser. I have to compile /each/ guix file with C-c C-k to make other commands (like M-.) work.
<jasjsadw>I assume it's the wrong way to use it.
<civodul>not really
<civodul>i doesn't know about files until they are compiled
<handheldCar>I didn't like my OS either.
<civodul>jasjsadw: but usually, compiling one module leads to the compilation of a bunch of other modules
<civodul>so you don't have to manually visit every single file
<jasjsadw>civodul: this happens even if I run make
<civodul>yes, that's independent
<jasjsadw>ah, so you meant C-c C-k
<jasjsadw>can it be connected with the version of emacs?
<jasjsadw>when I tried it, I wasn't using the latest version
<jasjsadw>civodul: I'm looking into edsl. what did you mean when you said that 'source' should accept lists. (source (list 1 2)) works. what should be changed then?
<jasjsadw>the edsl*
<civodul>jasjsadw: i think there's the assumption somewhere that 'source' is either a file name, or an origin
<civodul>see guix/packages.scm
<jasjsadw>civodul: ah, you probably mean package-source-derivation, right?
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<alip2890>interesting. php tests rushing by with almost all failing
<davexunit>I think forgot guix!
<civodul>davexunit: i think that's because we're on
<civodul>when we switch to, the script will pick it up
<civodul>well, i suppose
<mark_weaver>he also missed MIG, Mach, and Hurd, which mentioned in their release announcements a problem with uploading: "As soon as upload issues have been resolved, it may be downloaded from <>"
<civodul>but apparently the upload dates from Oct. 1st, which may have been slightly too late
<civodul>BTW, strictly speaking, we still miss a glibc tarball if we want to build the Hurd
<youlysse`>I'm assuming it's just me, but is the build server down? For everything, it just keeps saying the "sever is unresponsive". :^/
<civodul>youlysse`: is not down, but there's some breakage:
<civodul>that shouldn't affect substitutions, though
<youlysse`>civodul: Maybe it's just my new install, though this was the first time I was ever able to pass the check (everyother time it'd fail on testing download) -- I decided on switching to trisquel, last-night.
<civodul>when you have test failures, please report them to
<civodul>it's usually a sign that something's wrong
<youlysse`>civodul: Noted; That being said, again, this is the first-time I haven't had an issue here, and it seems to be where I'm having "the" issue.
<handheldCar>I might like to contribute a Conkeror package. Where would I start?
<youlysse`>handheldCar: In-packaging in-general, or relative to Conkeror?
<civodul>handheldCar: Conkeror depends on Xulrunner, so that's where you would start
<civodul>handheldCar: Andreas has tried to package GNU IceCat (which provides xulrunner), so you might want to check with him the current status
<civodul>i would recommend an easier package to get started, though
*youlysse` wonders how hard it'd be to, in guix import librejs into conkeror.
<civodul>handheldCar: you can have a look at and see which of your favorite packages is missing
<youlysse`>civodul: On my orginal patch, for gl.scm -- checking out the mailing list, there was a complaint that it was building the .go in the top-level directory of the guix folder... running it, I'm not having any such problem?
<civodul>youlysse`: no, there was a complaint that the patch added gl.scm in the top-level dir, AIUI
<civodul>so if that is fixed, now is the time to re-post :-)
<youlysse`>I'll try generating a patch again -- but from what I can see, it looks as-if it should've placed it in /gnu/packages/ to start. :^P
<handheldCar>btw, 'Conkeror can use "firefox -app" instead of "xulrunner"'.
<civodul>ah good
<civodul>either way you'll need IceCat first
<civodul>(IceCat is an unbranded Firefox, among other things:
<handheldCar>makes sense
<handheldCar> is missing bootstrap-graph.png