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<mark_weaver>nowadays, I think the more relevant limiter of initrd size is the amount of RAM in the machine.
<jxself>What?! Oracle won the 2013 America's Cup? How disappointing.
<jxself>And yes, RAM is the biggest thing. Back in the day I had a hard disk with a 30MB capacity. I remember getting a computer later on with more than that for RAM and being amazed and how it would have been able to hold my entire hard disk in RAM.
<mark_weaver>heh, my first hard drive was 10MB :)
<mark_weaver>it seems enormous at the time!
*mark_weaver started out with 140 kilobyte 5.25 inch floppies :)
<jxself>Same here.
<Steap>mark_weaver: and now you've got 10TB in your NAS!
<jxself>I still have some of those. Not sure if they still work or not.
<jxself>I've been thinking of mailing them to someone I know in France that can read them and see what's there.
<mark_weaver>I still own the first computer I ran free un*x on, and it includes both 5.25" and 3.5" drives. I don't know if the hardware still works though.
<jxself>Pull it out & find out? Time for some nostalgia?
<youlysses>mark_weaver: I still own my first-laptop and the one that introduced me to GNU -- the power supply is loose though and doesn't reliably hold a charge. ;_;
<civodul>Hello Guix & happy GNU birthday!
<docmalloc>hi ... some more issues with guix and me:
<docmalloc>in: guix refresh -u you use gnupg ... but you do check in configure: In execlp of gpg2: No such file or directory
<docmalloc>and when I try to install a package I get: guix package -i zlib
<docmalloc>guix package: error: No such file or directory
<civodul>docmalloc: you probably don't want to use "guix refresh" actually, do you? :-)
<civodul>the ENOENT is weird
<civodul>could you strace it to see where it comes from?
<docmalloc>open("/nix/store/x9x1a86flhx15cams7235rfy5gc5cww1-guile-bootstrap-2.0.drv", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
<civodul>docmalloc: could you try "guix build guile-bootstrap"?
<civodul>also, did you manual fiddle with /nix/store?
<civodul>that is strictly forbidden ;-)
<docmalloc>basically I removed my old guix installation
<docmalloc>make uninstall, rm -rf /nix, git pull, make install
<docmalloc>when I try to install a package with " guix package -i zlib"
<docmalloc>I get the issue with open("/nix/store/x9x1a86flhx15cams7235rfy5gc5cww1-guile-bootstrap-2.0.drv", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
<civodul>yes, i understand that
<civodul>can you try "guix build guile-bootstrap"?
<docmalloc>mwachs@fulcrum:~/coding/guix$ guix build guile-bootstrap
<docmalloc>acquiring global GC lock `/usr/local/var/nix/gc.lock'
<docmalloc>acquiring read lock on `/usr/local/var/nix/temproots/15243'
<docmalloc>acquiring write lock on `/usr/local/var/nix/temproots/15243'
<docmalloc>downgrading to read lock on `/usr/local/var/nix/temproots/15243'
<docmalloc>acquiring write lock on `/usr/local/var/nix/temproots/15243'
<docmalloc>downgrading to read lock on `/usr/local/var/nix/temproots/15243'
<docmalloc>acquiring write lock on `/usr/local/var/nix/temproots/15243'
<docmalloc>downgrading to read lock on `/usr/local/var/nix/temproots/15243'
<docmalloc>acquiring write lock on `/usr/local/var/nix/temproots/15243'
<docmalloc>downgrading to read lock on `/usr/local/var/nix/temproots/15243'
<docmalloc>acquiring write lock on `/usr/local/var/nix/temproots/15243'
<docmalloc>downgrading to read lock on `/usr/local/var/nix/temproots/15243'
<docmalloc>acquiring write lock on `/usr/local/var/nix/temproots/15243'
<docmalloc>downgrading to read lock on `/usr/local/var/nix/temproots/15243'
<docmalloc>acquiring write lock on `/usr/local/var/nix/temproots/15243'
<docmalloc>downgrading to read lock on `/usr/local/var/nix/temproots/15243'
<docmalloc>starting substituter program `/usr/local/libexec/guix/substitute-binary'
<docmalloc>The following file will be downloaded:
<docmalloc> /nix/store/809w23w5m3fnvph9c7kvbxm89lv7mfmy-guile-bootstrap-2.0
<docmalloc>guix build: error: build failed: opening file `/nix/store/x9x1a86flhx15cams7235rfy5gc5cww1-guile-bootstrap-2.0.drv': No such file or directory
<civodul>docmalloc: did you restart the daemon after reinstalling?
<civodul>ah, and when you uninstalled, did you rm -rf /usr/local/var/nix?
<civodul>there's a database about the store in there, and it could be out of sync if you left
<civodul>yeah "make uninstall" doesn't remove it
<civodul>because it's local state
<docmalloc>yeah I figured that out ...
<docmalloc>but then I removed it
<docmalloc>and ran make install again
<docmalloc>and it's still complaining
<civodul>can you check the value of localstatedir in config.log
<civodul>and also run find /usr/local -name db.sqlite
<civodul>to make sure you really deleted the right one
<docmalloc>so guix_localstatedir is /usr/local/var
<civodul>and did you run "make check" BTW?
<civodul>i'm pretty sure there's stale data around
<civodul>could you "rm -rf /nix /usr/local/var/nix" and try again?
<civodul>sorry i can't come up with better advice, but there's clearly an inconsistency here
<docmalloc>yeah that's my impression too
<docmalloc>so when uninstalling , updating and reinstalling ... what do i have to "clean up"?
<civodul>running "rm -rf /nix /usr/local/var/nix" should be enough
<ArneBab_>civodul: sorry that I ask again, but what’s the exact way to test a package when I modified a .scm file but not in the systemwide store (local clone of the guix repo)?
<ArneBab_>I tried this: cd guix/gnu/packages; GUILE_LOAD_PATH=../.. guix build -e '(@ (gnu packages version-control) mercurial)'
<docmalloc>so thanks a lot... removing the local state helped
<civodul>docmalloc: great!
<civodul>ArneBab_: ./pre-inst-env guix build foo
<civodul>see 'HACKING' for more
*civodul still waiting for Hydra to catch up before uploading the tarball
<ArneBab_>civodul: ok, thanks!
<ArneBab_>civodul: likely after autoreconf -i; ./configure ; ./make, right?
*ArneBab_ is reading hacking…
<ArneBab_>civodul: damn, bootstrap uses git submodule… but I’m accessing the guix repo via hg…
<ArneBab_>(nice video, btw :) )
<civodul>ArneBab_: i can't help with hg/git setups...
<ArneBab_>civodul: then I’ll just do it the dirty way (don’t want to fight with git now)
<ArneBab_>civodul: what to do when guix pull fails?
<civodul>cry out loud
*ArneBab_ cries out loud ☺
<civodul>otherwise, can you try "guix pull --verbose"?
<civodul>there was a bug fixed a couple of weeks ago
<ArneBab_>making guix cry out loud? ☺
<ArneBab_>civodul: guix cries:
<ArneBab_>civodul: do you see what’s wrong on my system?
<civodul>most likely that bug i was referring to
<civodul>can you run ./pre-inst-env guix pull from the Git checkout?
<ArneBab_>starts with this: ERROR: missing interface for module (gnutls)
<ArneBab_>but then starts to download
<ArneBab_>hm, derivation failed
<civodul>ArneBab_: i'm at work now, so it'll be easier for me to investigate tonight
*ArneBab_ needs to get going
<civodul>hi again!
***civodul changes topic to 'GNU Guix --- --- 0.4 is out! --- Happy birthday, GNU!'
<civodul>here we are :-)
<mark_weaver>Happy birthday to GNU, indeed!
<civodul>hey mark_weaver
<davexunit>hackathon imminent!
<civodul>yep :-)
<gazoombo>civodul: congrats on the release(s)!
<janneke>congrats on the release
<gazoombo>The QEMU image was a great idea. screenshot:
<manolis_>in the guix system where exactly are the binaries of the system commands ?
<manolis_>I know on gnu/linux systems it's /bin
<Steap>manolis_: well, GNU Guix is a GNU/Linux distribution :)
<manolis_>that's why I am asking because I can't see to find the /bin folder ...:/
<Steap>manolis_: the packages installed through the guix CLI can be found in ~/.guix-profile/bin/
<manolis_>aa okay thnx dude
<Steap>civodul: did you forget to tag v0.4 ?
<civodul>Steap: nope:
<jxself>Happy birthday to GNU is now live on all pages...
<jxself>Or, at least the ones using the standard template.
<jxself>28 minutes left...
<jxself>The site seems to be scrolling around by itself?
<jxself> that is.
<davexunit>yeah I'm not sure how to use this site
<jxself>It's like an NNTP reader.
<jxself>The message is supposed to appear in net.unix-wizards in about 6 minutes
<jxself>We can imagine that, at this point 30 years ago, RMS was composing the message at this time.
<mark_weaver>davexunit: point your news reader (e.g. Gnus) to, and see RMS's announcement and all the skeptical responses that it would never come to anything :)
<mark_weaver>T minus one minute
<davexunit>time to learn gnus in one minute
<mark_weaver>Happy 30th birthday, GNU! We love you! :)
<jxself>...and the free software movement has been born :)
<jxself>The website does seem strange though - It appears to be scrolling around and selectin messages by itself.
<davexunit>congrats on the 0.4 release!
<jxself>Ah ha
<jxself>Turns out I was write about that hour diff.
<jxself>RMS's message won't appear on until 35 minutes past this hour.
<davexunit>whoever's controlling the console displayed on the webpage wrote a little happy bday night
<jxself>It is finally there.
<youlysses>So do I extract the .img.gz, as the appended .gz implies, or should I be able to open it directly in qemu?
<mark_weaver>gunzip it, and then you can open the .img file directly from qemu
<mark_weaver>youlysses: ludovic gave the command in his announcement: qemu-system-x86_64 -m 256 -net nic,model=e1000 -net user gnu-system-demo-0.4.img
*youlysses needs to get more well antiquated with mailing-lists -- it seems. :^)
<youlysses>mark_weaver: Btw, thanks!
<mark_weaver>yes, mailing lists are important.
<civodul>so, anyone tried that wonderful image? :-)
<Steap>civodul: can't really boot VMs with my almost dead machine :/
<mark_weaver>I'm having major computer problems at the moment :-(
<jxself>I can do it later. I don't have access to a 64-bit machine at the moment until I get home.
<Steap>civodul: btw, I did not know "git pull" did not fetch new tags
<mark_weaver>it does for me, but maybe that's because I've configured something long ago.
<civodul>so the Bostoners, are you ready to celebrate? :-)
<civodul>are the streets full of GNU hackers yet? ;-)
<bavier>I can at least get the image booted on my system, though no networking...
<civodul>bavier: does name resolution work?
<civodul>like, what happens when you run "telnet http"?
<civodul>for some reason, "route" sometimes doesn't work
<civodul>when that happens, you need to run "deco start networking" as root
<youlysses>I'm too stuck at networking.
<bavier>from ifconfig, it looks like eth0 is up, but I'm getting "network is unreachable" from ping and telnet
*youlysses is currently stuck at boot, waiting for/if eth0: link becomes ready.
<davexunit>civodul: streets look the same here in back bay :P
<youlysses>Restarted the image and got past starting networking (though unsuccessful) now it appears to be hanging and/or stuck right after starting syslogd.
<youlysses>Ah it's there, it just didn't present me to the login screen till I pressed enter... :^P
<youlysses>Oh wow, we don't have kbd packaged yet?
<youlysses>That's something I'm going to get done and *for sure* up on the mailing list, before I pass out.
<bavier>it looks like name resolution is happening fine, but `ping` still drops all packets. might be the corporate network I'm on. I'll try at home later.
<civodul>youlysses: "kbd"?
<civodul>youlysses: note that there are just a few packages pre-installed
<civodul>but then you can run "guix package -i"
<civodul>there's just a little bit of room for a few more packages ;-)
<youlysses>civodul: It holds "loadkeys" among other various keyboard configuration options. That being said, I tried and it looks like it isn't packaged in-general.
<civodul>bavier: does it drop them, or does it say "network is unreachable"?
<civodul>youlysses: ah, right
<civodul>so that's a task for the hackathon :-)
<bavier>civodul: it drops/losses them after restarting the networking service
<civodul>ah so it must be a different problem, indee
<youlysses>glibc and check should be called by default when gnu-build-system is called right? Like I should not have to call them as inputs?
<youlysses>Wow, I just typed call a lot...
<civodul>what do you mean by "calling glibc and check"?
<civodul>glibc is an implicit input when using gnu-build-system
<civodul>which means you don't have to explicitly list it in the 'inputs' field
<jxself>Oh, Planet GNU is broken?
<youlysses>civodul: Sorry, yeah I meant "calling" as-in stating it as an input.
<jxself>Here I was hoping people would see all kinds of news today.
<civodul>jxself: i think it's just late
<civodul>it seems to be moderated or something
<jxself>Part of it is cron I think.
<civodul>yes, but lately it's been quite unpredictable
<jxself>But it also says the last news was September 16.
<civodul>sometimes it takes almost a day before the news shows up
<civodul>ah yes
<civodul>definitely broken, then
<youlysses>Also, I don't know if this is just me, but cmake doesn't seem to build properly when I install it. Test 59 fails while it's preforming some-factor of a check and it causes the whole package to not build.
<civodul>jxself: do you have superpower to fix that? :-)
<jxself>I don't. It lives in a VM I don't have access to.
<jxself>But I know who does and sent an email.
<civodul>youlysses: CMake fails to build on x86_64 IIRC, Steap?
*civodul runs "guix package --upgrade" to enter the glibc 2.18 realm
<youlysses>Well that's a bummer, is there any sort of easy way around this? That's going to prevent me from building a fair amount of packages; Namely and more-or-less of the more important packages, wpa_supplicant. :^P
<civodul>wpa_supplicant uses CMake?!
<civodul>well, let's fix this this week-end
<youlysses>civodul: I can check again, but I'm about 75% sure.
<youlysses>civodul: Ah, it looks like Gentoo just does/did their package really weird, that somehow makes cmake a circular dependency.... but by no means, does this seem to be a depend via Debian or Arch.
<youlysses>I'll brb.
<civodul>talk to you tomorrow for the hackathon!