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<youlysses>jxself: I'm hoping that we'll get one solid FOSS convergent device via a phone, but that's probably wishing for too much... :^/
<taylanub>Sad that Ubuntu Edge didn't become a thing .. though I think it was way too "shiny" and expensive anyway.
<taylanub>Not to say that Canonical is as ethical as I'd like them to be, but I'd at least trust them to fully open-source any hardware they make, so it would've perhaps been the best we had, if the Edge had succeeded.
<Steap>taylanub: what happened to Ubuntu Edge ?
<taylanub>Steap: Didn't reach the $30M goal ?
<taylanub>Wait, does "Ubuntu Edge" refer to the hardware, or the OS, or both ?.. In any case I was referring to the hardware.
<taylanub>They said that if the funding fails, they'll just make the software... The software seems to be called "Ubuntu mobile".
*taylanub would rather like to see gNewSense or Trisquel on mobile. :P
<taylanub>Did anyone look into gNewSense recently ? It was revived, with version 3.0, and is based on Debian directly now and not Ubuntu. I suppose Trisquel fits the "free Ubuntu" role, for less technical people, whereas gNewSense is what us geeks should use until Guix is complete. :P