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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>hi hellekin
<civodul>i think we owe you a reply :-)
<civodul>14 people, i think that's a new record
<civodul>congratulations, people :-)
<Steap>who are the bots ? gnunet_bot and ... ?
<civodul>the second one wishes to remain anonymous, i think
<civodul>although anonymity in a group of 15 people is quite hard ;-)
<jxself>We just all change our nick to civodul. :)
<schjetne>I like to think I'm not a bot.
<schjetne>I heard of this from the Parabola mailing list. I can't believe I didn't find out about it now, since I try to remain up to speed on the various GNU projects
<civodul>we must be stealthy :-)
<civodul>anyway, good that the info propagates
<schjetne>It looks really cool, definitely something I'd want to get into. I haven't had time to set it up, I'll see if I can do it this week-end. I'd like to brush up my Scheme too.
<civodul>it's supposed to be usable by non-Schemers too, you know ;-)
<schjetne>Yes, but the hackability aspect is enticing
*jxself ponders civodul's message to gnu-linux-libre
<youlysses>schjetne: Obviously, I'm responding a bit late -- But even with no Scheme background, packing is fairly straight-forward. :^)
<youlysses>Should we package ttf-fonts all in one file, or?
<youlysses>On the latter, does Guix currently have a method to grab from git?
<Steap>youlysses: not yet
<Steap>youlysses: I think github can generate tarballs though
<Steap>so you could use that
<youlysses>Steap: I'll look into that then. :^)
<jxself>For example
<youlysses>Well .zip is super straight-forward...
<jxself>Notice the .zip and tar.gz links
<youlysses>Well, it looks like I'm going to have to badger davexunit to release an official "release" version by the 30th birthday -- or find a method to grab a .tar from the current repo. Or I guess figure out of guix can handle unzipping. :^P
<davexunit>what's up?
<davexunit>ohhh you want me to release by the GNU 30th birthday. you know, that might be a good goal... :)
<youlysses>davexunit: I'm packaging, or at least the beginnings of a package/expression for guile-sdl and guile-2d and I think having a more-or-less "ready release" by the package hack-fest may be nice. :^)
<davexunit>is there going to be something going on with guix in cambridge?
<davexunit>I'll be there so I definitely want in on any guile related hackathons.
<youlysses>davexunit: Possibly? Probably more-so a general GNU birthday bash. Though, there's going to be -- at the very least, an online meet. :^P
<jxself> <-- It's on there. :)
<hellekin>davexunit: guix is mentioned as "online hackathon"so I guess you can try /join #guix
<youlysses>hellekin: davexunit: Well, civdoul plans on having a bootable image by the 28th -- to do a packaging hackathon, from what a recall. :^)
<jxself>And hopefully it can become an FSF-endorsed distribution by then, for even more news to share at the event.
<davexunit>youlysses: oh neat. will you be physically present?
<davexunit>thanks jxself
<youlysses>davexunit: I wish... I barely have enough money to make rent, let alone drive and/or fly halfway across the country. :^/
<youlysses>Probably for the 35, or the 40th... :^U
<jxself>I understand that the RMS portion will be streamlined live, so you can still be there virtually.
<jxself>er; streamed.
<jxself>I can't type
<davexunit>Guix seems to be the only guile project in the hackathon. I guess I could sit at a table with cardboard cutouts of you all.
<youlysses>davexunit: Just use my overly cliche, recent mediagoblin submission to keep you company...
<davexunit>I made a minor contribution to mediagoblin once, I could join their group.
<hellekin>davexunit, youlysses: civodul sent an email regarding the hackathon. I can share parts before it's formalized:
<hellekin>For Guix, a bug that we have is that pre-built binaries downloaded from
<hellekin> are not cryptographically signed.
*davexunit needs to install guix and start playing around with it.
<hellekin>So the fix is twofold: first Hydra needs to be modified to produce and publish digital signatures; second
<hellekin>Guix’s “substituter” (the program that fetches pre-built binaries) needs
<hellekin>to actually fetch those signatures and check against them.
<davexunit>I would love to do *something* for guix during the hackathon.
<youlysses>I'll be back much-latter ... have unexpected errands. Peace people; AFK.
<davexunit>by youlysses
<davexunit>youlysses: btw, you will also want to package guile-figl, and perhaps help me pester them to make a 0.1 release with tarball on my behalf. :)
<youlysses>davexunit: I'm back for a short-second -- roommate forgot phone, but yeah, I started the template for such-a thing before I initially left -- that would be great though.
<youlysses>Ok, should really be gone for 4 to 8 hours now ... o/
<davexunit>bye youlysses.
<davexunit>I'm out now too.
<davexunit>good night all.