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*civodul posts the video link
<mark_weaver>I just finished uploading the files.
<lucasaiu>So I'll remove my copy.
<lucasaiu>Already added a README with the new link
<mark_weaver>lucasaiu: I might have gotten a truncated copy of Shane_Celis-Emacsy-1_.webm. Mine is only a few seconds long, 1549961 bytes.
<mark_weaver>and that's what I uploaded.
<mark_weaver>I wonder if emacs-wget failed me, or if your copy is also short.
<lucasaiu>Let me check
<lucasaiu>I can re-upload my copy; I have a backup right here
<lucasaiu>luca@kronrod ~/ghm/slides-and-stuff-to-publish/live-videos]$ ls -l ../done/Shane_Celis-Emacsy-1_.webm
<lucasaiu>1520 -rw-r--r-- 1 luca luca 1549961 Aug 29 05:43 ../done/Shane_Celis-Emacsy-1_.webm
<lucasaiu>It's correct
<mark_weaver>it's only 37 seconds long.
<lucasaiu>Yes, that's just a quick introduction before the real talk, which is a different-resolution different-framerate screencast
<lucasaiu>It's the same here for my master copy
<mark_weaver>ah, okay.
<lucasaiu>Don't worry :-)
<mark_weaver>I assumed that #2 was the Q & A.
<lucasaiu>Q&A weren't recorded, except (I think) for the accessibility talk
<lucasaiu>Which is a pity, but it's too late now
<mark_weaver>given how short it is, it might have been better to convert part 1 to be the same resolution/framerate as part 2, even if it meant loss of quality.
<mark_weaver>and then to concatenate them.
<mark_weaver>but it's not important.. just an idea for the future :)
<lucasaiu>I actually had to work more because of the different resolutions and framerates
<mark_weaver>yeah, video is a pain :)
<lucasaiu>Pasting that silly banner was much more difficult that one might thing
<lucasaiu>I'll write a blog post about that
<mark_weaver>the banner looks great, btw :)
<lucasaiu>Thanks :-)
<lucasaiu>Going to bed now
<mark_weaver>good night!
<lucasaiu>Good evening, I suppose, to you :-)
<civodul>good night/day!
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<Arne`>Can guile modules be distributed *easily* with guix?
*Arne` would love to have a GNU overlay: “How to get GNU tool X?” “Just install guix - regardless of your distro.”
*Arne` just discovered a GNU game for which Gentoo did not offer the most recent version. For this it would be great to have a GNU overlay.
<Steap>Arne`: there's a GNU project that aims at making it easy to install GNU software
<Steap>can't remember the name right now
<Steap>iirc, it's a "port-like" system that fetches GNU tarballs and compile everything from source
<Arne`>is there a reason not to provide that with guix?
<Steap>well, we also package GNU software
<civodul>Steap: it's GSRC, but Guix is comparable in that regard
<civodul>Arne`: there's no special support in Guix for Guile modules currently
<civodul>though i think Guix could easily interpret guildhall descriptions
<civodul>and transparently make them available as Guix packages
<Arne`>guildhall is the gsrc?
<civodul>GSRC is
<civodul>guildhall is Guile's "package" system
<civodul>like Haskell's Cabal, etc.
<Arne`>ah, ok. That would be nice, yes.
*Arne` thinks…