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*civodul is in monads
<Steap>civodul: switched from Scheme to Haskell ? :p
<civodul>that's the thing
<civodul>but my brain is getting hot
<civodul>higher-order thoughts...
<youlysses>What about Haskell?
<youlysses>Also; hi civodul! o/
<youlysses>Jeez, this old Compaq sounds like it'll die before it finishes compiling Guile-2.0.9 ...
<Steap>youlysses: I can relate.
<youlysses>Be back in an hour to three+ ... o/
<systemovich>hi guys!
<systemovich>how long does the command "guix-daemon --build-users-group=guix-builder" normally take?
<systemovich>It has been going for 9 minutes now.
<mark_weaver>it runs into you kill it. it just waits for clients to connect to it.
<mark_weaver>so you leave your guix-daemon running, and then in another terminal run "guix package ..." from any unprivileged user, which connects to the daemon and lets it to the building.
<mark_weaver>it's like asking "how long does apache normally take to run" :)
<systemovich>ok thanks. I only have one terminal at the moment (on my other computer) so I appended & to the command to run it in the background.
<mark_weaver>sounds reasonable :)
<mark_weaver>you might also want to redirect its output somewhere. it doesn't output very much, but occasionally it says things like "accepted connection from pid 32296, uid 1000", or "986 operations", or "SIGPOLL"
<systemovich>ok. will do.
<mark_weaver>btw, if it's inconvenient to have only one terminal, you might want to take a look at GNU Screen <>
<systemovich>thanks. that is a good idea.
<mark_weaver>apart from being a terminal multiplexer, it also has a cool feature that you can 'detach' from a screen session, and then reconnect to it later. and in the meantime, all the programs within it will keep running, even if you lose your ssh connection.
<mark_weaver>anyway, good luck! time for me to sleep.
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>damn, i end up waiting for the new Python rebuilds
<Steap>why is that ?
<civodul>i do QEMU-related hacking, and apparently somewhere it depends on Python
<civodul>but that's fine, just have to be a bit more patient ;-)
<Steap>Everything depends on Python these days.
<civodul>tomorrow everything'll depend on Guile ;-)
<lorel>Hi, I would like to add new packages to the distribution, but I don't know where I have to write the recipe file.
<civodul>lorel: you can write it in a .scm file under gnu/packages
<civodul>so typically, get a git checkout (or a tarball), and put your new file in there
<lorel>I have to reinstall everything?
<lorel>I mean guix
<lorel>Ok, I think I understood :)
<lorel>What exactly does the pre-inst-env script do?
<civodul>oh, too late for lorel
<Steap>We need a full-time employee to answer questions on IRC.
<civodul>though a handful of part-time volunteers would also work ;-)