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<kaorin>I just installed guix successfully, but I can't install any package (I am trying "guix package -i hello")
<kaorin>I created the builder users
<kaorin>and launched guix-deamon with: guix-daemon --build-users-group=guix-builder as root
<kaorin>I got an error: " failed to set up the build environment for `/nix/store/wgv2qcc7g6snz3wqzhg6s76kbmkyf8vg-module-import.drv'"
<kaorin>and guix-deamon printed
<kaorin>' private: No such file or directorybuild error: unable to make filesystem `/media/me/Debian.0 h-i386
<kaorin>no that
<kaorin>build error: unable to make filesystem
<kaorin>`/media/julien/Debian.0 h-i386(some Unicode unknown character) private: No such file or directory
<kaorin>can anyone help me with that?
<kaorin>Ho I forgot to say hello :(. Hello then
<amz3>you have to give the rights to the directory /nix/store
<amz3>in principle guix reports the error
<amz3>did you do it kaorin?
<amz3>are you using a release tarball or git ?
<kaorin>I used the release tarball
<kaorin>ls -l /nix gives:
<kaorin>drwxrwxr-t 71 root guix-builder 36864 août 25 18:17 store
<kaorin>So I think it is correct