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<youlysses>taylanub: Yeah -- probably needs some rehashing. More than anything, I'd like to see an updated estimate for when the "Upstream GNU+Linux-libre" distro is bootable.
<youlysses>Also in-terms of general infrastructure, it'd be nice if we had a wiki of some-sort and/or a mechanism that could basically be a request form for people to package some stuff. Like
<youlysses>Like I plan to eventually do mediagoblin, minetest, mypaint, rtorrent, sdl, and social -- but I think it'd be a waste of resources, assuming that someone else is working on a few of them same, independently.
<amk9>youlysses: maybe send a mail to the ML and say that you want to do so, then if anybody works on the same packages she will tell
<civodul>Hello from GHM! :-)
<civodul>hey hey!