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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>long time no see ;-)
<Steap>whose fault is that ? :p
<Steap>We haven't left #guix in months!
<civodul>heh :-)
*civodul runs Emacs + GTK from Guix
<civodul>and it actually works
<Steap>I did not know Emacs used GTK
<civodul>that's an optional dependency
<civodul>one can use Xaw, for the old style :-)
*Steap used to think civodul was a tough reviewer, then joined OpenStack.
<Steap>These people have been holding one of my patches for over a month, driving me insane.
<civodul>it's so you learn ;-)
<civodul>how many companies are involved in OpenStack development?
<civodul>BTW, did you see ?
<Steap>civodul: That's you pull your hair out, and you know I don't want that :)
<Steap>Well, there are Canonical/Red Hat/IBM/Rackspace at least :)
<civodul>if there are many, that's good
<Steap>All the major "Free Software" companies work on that
<Steap>When I was looking for a job at Suse/Red Hat/Canonical, there were always jobs that involved OpenStack
<Steap>Haven't seen taht article
<Steap>But I noticed we were on Nix's wikipedia page
<Steap>(and you're quoted there :))
<civodul>so there was an LWN article on Guix
<civodul>during the summer
<civodul>while everyone was sunbathing
<civodul>still, that's cool
<Steap>civodul: Maybe we should add the articles about GUix to our webpage
<civodul>like there are several of them?
<Steap>I think we have one or two on LWN
<Steap>one on LinuxFR
<Steap>Alex wrote a few articles on his blog
<Steap>There's a Wikipedia paragraph on Nix's page
<Steap>We may want to keep track of those
<civodul>would you like to prepare a patch?
<civodul>maybe a new section on the web page?
<Steap>I think I'll try to collect links at the hotel :)
<civodul>we should add a note that the articles may be inaccurate
<Steap>Since I'm usually bored
<civodul>(as is the case with LWN)
<civodul>ah, good :-)
<Steap>Yeah, I thought of this as a "They are talking about GNU Guix: ..." section
<civodul>or maybe just "Press"? :-)
<Steap>would you call LinuxFR "press" ? :p
<civodul>yeah, well
<civodul>dunno, but i like short section titles
<Steap>We'll have time to discuss that later
<Steap>Last week in Paris starting tomorrow \\o/
<civodul>good for you!