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<antono>i tried to remove, no success
<antono>well. i trying to use stuff from tarball
<amirouche>antono maybe configure is not required
<amirouche>I mean if you boostraped
<amirouche>maybe ./pre-inst-env is ready to take its input from ./gnu/
<amirouche>try to modify a package .scm and use the command ./pre-inst-env guix build the-package --keep-failed
<amirouche>or create a new one
<antono>guix build: error: failed to connect to `/usr/var/nix/daemon-socket/socket': No such file or directory
<antono>any advice
<antono>i do not remember where is socket currently %)
<amirouche>or use my git repo
<amirouche>the daemon is not running maybe ?
<antono>it is running
<Steap>really, you may want to runconfigure.
<antono>no.. no success.
<antono>i'll just use stuff from tarball
<antono>otherwise it broken for me
*antono building bsod emulator for unix
<antono>I think guix need simple workflow for packagers
<antono>it should be very simple. othervise it will not be attractive
<Steap>the workflow is quite simple
<amirouche>not as simple as «mkdir overlay; guix build overlay/package.scm» ...
<antono>i want to start in any directory and create simple package definition
<antono>oh, really?
<amirouche>it doesn't work
<amirouche>I was saying it should be that simple
<amirouche>antono: ^
<amirouche>on nix it works like that
<amirouche>nixos I mean
<antono>amirouche: right
<antono>it should be as easy as you told
<amirouche>I will redo the thing to get work guix and report to you
<amirouche>it will take a bit of time since I creating a VM for my use
<amirouche>but anyway
<amirouche>I will write what I do
<antono>btw, guix pull always fails for me
<antono>can anyone confirm?
<amirouche>2 hours ago it failes but before that it was working (yesterday); trying right now
<amirouche>it working...
<amirouche>no it failed guix pull: error: build failed: build of `/nix/store/f8wjrnaf30imlnp05nmha0qx88h984zb-guix-latest.drv' failed
<antono>yep. something like this
<antono>hydra with prebuilt binaries could be helpful when you doing first 'guix build'
<amirouche>actually they are prebuilt binaries
<amirouche>I'm not sure why it fails there is not log about the failure
<antono>why everything is build from source in my case?
<antono>maybe wrong config?
<amirouche>maybe you added --no-substitute option
<antono>right :)
<antono>otherwise server is unresponsive
<Steap>antono: yeah, hydra is down
<amirouche>Hi all
<amirouche>antono: I solved the issue you had yesterday, again with install pkg-config
<amirouche>xorg-server is failing
<antono>amirouche: are you on debian?
<antono>amirouche: i have pkg-config installed as i show yesterday...
<Steap>antono: what does config.log says ?
<amirouche>antono: yes
<amirouche>antono: on debian
<amirouche>Steap: failling test
<Steap>amirouche: uh ?
<amirouche>configure works
<amirouche>it's the check phase that tails
<amirouche>make check
<Steap>in skribilo ?
<amirouche>skribillo fails to build the documentation
<antono>i prepared new package for guix
<antono>trying to build it with ./pre-inst-env guix build package
<antono>first time it failed... i changed definition and run command again
<antono>it looks like it uses cached version from nix store and my changes invisible
<Steap>that's weird
<Steap>amirouche: copy/paste the error, maybe ?
<Steap>send your recipe
<Steap>oh fuck, hydra is down again
<Steap>or not.
<Steap>my dev machine just overheated
<Steap>Did I mention my most recent computer is 5 years old ?
<amirouche>overheat without reboot ?
<amirouche>My old laptop did this all the time
<amirouche>ok HACKING is using org-mode didn't notice that
<amirouche>until now