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<Steap>amirouche: I see you got guile-lib working, that's great
<Steap>amirouche: could you tell me more about your issue in skribilo ?
<amirouche>Steap, here is a diff with what I did
<amirouche>try to install skribilo
<amirouche>and it will fail
<amirouche>try to install manually skribilo it will also fail
<amirouche>because some Makefile rule is commented
<amirouche>I didn't have time to look into further
<amirouche>also it needs lout to work
<amirouche>something called «lout»
<amirouche>maybe one can just avoid building the doc but I didn't succeed at that either
<amirouche>I've created an online repository if you prefer
<Steap>amirouche: I'll try and look at this if I got some time
<amirouche>Steap, what do you mean ?
<Steap>amirouche: look at the first line of skribilo.scm
<Steap>there is a bug in skribilo
<Steap>if lout is not found, the doc should not be built
<Steap>I think you should first package lout
<Steap>then add it to the inputs of skribilo
<Steap>also, the bug should be reported to skribilo
<Steap>and fixed :)
<amirouche>lout need some trickery to installed it's as simple as configure && make && make install
<amirouche>at least the packaged version
<amirouche>not that much trickery actually but still
<Steap>amirouche: it seems like you can just do "make && make install"
<Steap>should be quite easy to do, actually
<Steap>you just need to use the gnu build system
<Steap>and remove the configure phase
<Steap>(alist-delete 'configure %standard-phases)
<amirouche>anyway I succeed at compiling skribilo head so I go for that
<amirouche>also skribilo head detect lout and avoid compiling doc if it's not found
<Steap>I'm not sure we can easily retrieve a git repository in guix yet
<amirouche>I got an idea for that ;)
<Steap>amirouche: really ?
<amirouche>well, I'm concerned by the fact that what I'm doing is not what should be done
<amirouche>so I will relax and thinx ;)
<amirouche>what would be best is to create some rule to fetch from git...
<amirouche>do autoconf and stuff
<amirouche>or use tarball that is somewhere...
<Steap>there's an "url-fetch" method
<Steap>(cf. your recipes)
<Steap>we would need a "git-fetch" recipe, as in Nix
<Steap>but well, may not be that easy to implement
<Steap>I don't really know
<Steap>I don't usually do core development, mostly package management
<amirouche>maybe it's a good time to start :)
<Steap>yes, indeed
<Steap>wanna do that ? :p
<amirouche>I have to go to lunch, I hope some git-fetch will be ready to be tested when I come back ;)
<Steap>lunch ?
<Steap>Are you on a trip ? :p
<amirouche>I mean dinner ;)
<antono>i prepared debian package for guix
<antono>ping me if you interested
<Steap>antono: oh, that's really interesting
<Steap>did you use a post-install phase to do all the needed root operations ?
<antono>pre inst
<antono>dpkg -i guix and you have guix ready to burn
*antono should subscribe bug-guix...
<Steap>antono: are you a DM/DD ?
<antono>Not yet
<antono>i talked about nix with debian guys one year ago
<antono>and they totally against another package manager in debian :)
<Steap>oh really ?
<Steap>it's not like we're willing to make it the default package manager
<antono>seriously: they dont want to have /nix
<antono>due to FHS policy
<Steap>FHS ?
<antono>File System Hierarchy standart
<Steap>I'm wondering whether we could install that somewhere else
<antono>bullshit from "gurus" of true unix way
<antono>we could
<Steap>there is a with-store-dir option
<Steap>maybe you could try that
<antono>but then everything should be changed
<Steap>what do you mean by "everything" ?
<antono>otherwise there is no prebuilt binaries from hydra
<Steap>would the hashes change ?
<antono>i think yes
<Steap>I think we should tlak about this with civodul
<Steap>and Andreas, he's a DM/DD
<Steap>I think
<Steap>Will you be going to the GHM ?
<antono>nope. i have no visa
<Steap>too bad, cuz they'll both be there
<antono>some day...
<antono>i can contribute remotley
<Steap>oh, quick question
<Steap>let's say alice does "sudo apt-get install guix"
<Steap>or "sudo dpkg -i guix.deb" since we cant get Guix in Debian :)
<Steap>she can't then use Guix happily
<Steap>Now, let's say Bob wants to use Guix too
<Steap>what would he have to do ?
<Steap>sudo dpkg-configure guix ?
<Steap>oh ?
<antono>or... maybe...
<Steap>He would need to have /home/bob/.guix-profile
<antono>well. binary is in Bobs PATH
<Steap>pointing to a different location from /home/alice/.guix-profile
<Steap>and /home/user/.guix-profile is a root owned directory
<antono>i always wanted to delegate this to nix/guix
<antono>right... there will be issues :)
<Steap>Well, most computers are used by a single user these days
<antono>i have no problems since i had nix store and links
<Steap>so it's already great if Alice can use Guix
<Steap>but well, we should really help poor Bob
<antono>both Alice and Bob will face the same problem
<antono>1) missing link at $HOME
<antono>2) missing profile in guix store and some permissions needed to create profile there
<antono>i'm not sure yet how to deal with this
<antono>dpkg should not touch user's home
<Steap>I think the /home/user/.guix-profile is created by Guix
<antono>probably i could make profile setup for users in some group
<Steap>but the directory it points to must already exist
<Steap>I think you should post to
<Steap>Andreas will probably be ableto help you
<Steap>Though he might be on holidays
<antono>I think guix-daemon could take this taks (and create target directories)
<antono>any problems with such approach?
<antono>when i run my browser it will not fail if ~/.config/browser missing... it will just create. same i expect from guix
<antono>why not?
<Steap>I think Guix creates the directory
<Steap>But it is run as a normal user
<Steap>and needs root permissions
<antono>guix-daemon runs with all permissions needed to manage guix store
<antono>so it can make profiles for unprivileged users on demand
<Steap>yes, but it's currently done by guix
<Steap>rather than by guix-daemon
<antono>i see
<antono>thats my point
<Steap>I'd be willing to do everything as a user
<Steap>so, not storing anything in /nix/store
<Steap>but in ~/nix/store
<amirouche>anyway there will be guix system so why bother ?
<amirouche>if people want to use guix they can install it it's not difficult
<Steap>amirouche: apt-get install guix is easier
<antono>spares your time!
<Steap>handles the dependencies etc.
<oitofelix>Is there any prevision for the first release of the stand-alone Guix, The GNU System, distribution?
<Steap>oitofelix: well, we have to make it bootable
<Steap>it might be abit difficult cuz we'll need to put stuff in /boot/grub
<antono>Guys, i want to create some local very custom packages. could you please share your worflow for such task? :)
<oitofelix>Steap: Do you know how NixOS handles it?
<Steap>oitofelix: nope :)
<Steap>I'm pretty sure civodul does
<antono>in nix i usualy do nix-env -f $NIXPKGS -i package
<antono>how can i do it in guix ?
<oitofelix>Steap: But he doesn't come here for about two weeks. Do you know where is he?
<Steap>oitofelix: on holidays
<Steap>antono: I don't know Nix :) What does the command do ?
<antono>it uses alternative path for packages
<antono>(for search)
<antono> --install-from-expression=EXP looks similar
<Steap>try that, then :)
<antono>Do i need to sign some papers before contribute to guix?
<Steap>I think you need to sing all the FSF/GNU papers
<Steap>I haven't done it
<Steap>and I contribute
<oitofelix>Steap: Is somebody working specifically into make Guix bootable?
<amirouche>to sing ?
<Steap>amirouche: sign*
<Steap>amirouche: hopefully, I don't have to sing.
<Steap>oitofelix: civodul made a "boot-to-guile" distro
<oitofelix>boot-to-guile? What it means? Where can I read about it?
<antono>iirc it uses guile repl as init
<Steap>oitofelix: cf
<Steap>antono: yes
<Steap>You boot to Guile. Literally.
<antono>civodul have secret project: guile based replacement for init
<antono>i saw on gitorious...
<oitofelix>So, what remains to be done?
<oitofelix>antono: That is amazing! Guile is indeed a good replacement for init. Genial idea!
<Steap>oitofelix: booting to Linux
<Steap>oitofelix: being able to start services
<Steap>We're not fans of systemd.
<antono>i am
<Steap>Also, it would be nice to completely package X
<antono>cgroups should be proted to bsd and hurd
<oitofelix>And of course, it is The GNU System. It is not Unix.
<Steap>and a small DE
<Steap>Once we got Linux running, we can do fun things
<Steap>like packaging Hurd/kFreeBSD
<Steap>The original Goal was to have something bootable for GNU's 30th birthday
<antono>well... it will be another lolwhat reaction...
<oitofelix>Steap: When that happens to be?
<antono>make sure you use mcron instead of cron :)
<Steap>next month
<Steap>antono: what is mcron ?
<antono>guile based gnucron
<amirouche>so impossible to have it ready for then
<amirouche>too bad
<Steap>amirouche: why is that ?
<oitofelix>O_o We have to hurry!
<Steap>Somebody just got to hack like crazy
<antono>Boot go guile is enough!
<amirouche>because there is much to be done
<antono>boot to emacs!
<Steap>I know civodul well
<Steap>If he wants this to be done by next month, it'll be done :)
<antono>Boot To Emacs!
<Steap>I don't really know anything about Linux & the boot process, so that might a bit hard for me to code
<antono>it will be epic joke
<Steap>antono: you do realize I use vim ? :p
<antono>Steap: i was vim user
<amirouche>then ?
<amirouche>what happened ?
<antono>then enlightenment visited me
<antono>i realized that vi vi vi is 666
<antono>i'm still on dark side
<antono>i use evil-mode inside emacs :)
<antono>and it is much more poverful than vim
<amirouche>I understand better now it said to be dangerous to use another user's emacs...
<Steap>I'm not sure I can kick people out of this channel
<antono>sometimes i getting backtrace after succeeded build
<antono>why so?
<antono>like this
<antono>phase `strip' succeeded after 0 seconds
<antono>@ build-succeeded /nix/store/b8nczx3nbrbd0070j89b5qv64a94yh4y-irssi-0.8.15.drv -
<antono>In ice-9/boot-9.scm:
<antono> 149: 17 [catch #t #<catch-closure fc5a00> ...]
<antono>this error
<antono>guix/serialization.scm:49:4: In procedure bv-u32-ref: Wrong type argument in position 1 (expecting bytevector): #<eof>
<Steap>I'm amazed
<Steap>I've never seen that
<antono_>it works!
*antono_ installed irssi from guix and it works!!!
<Steap>was one of my first packages \\o/
<antono>ok, guys
<antono>how can i set path where guix search package definitions?
<antono>i i understand correctly when installed it just put them to guile load path
<antono>is there any dev mode when i can install packages from anywhere?
<antono>--install-from-expression=EXP does not work when i try to install from guix checkout
<Steap>what does the manual sayabout this option ?
<antono> -e, --expression=EXPR build the package EXPR evaluates to
<antono> -e, --install-from-expression=EXP
<antono> install the package EXP evaluates to
<Steap>I meant, the documentation
*antono reading
<Steap>O dp,'t really get it
<Steap>this needs an example