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<amirouche>I installed debian sid and guix
<amirouche>and sucessfully installed hello program
<amirouche>but zile fails to pass all the tests
<amirouche>This was the lazy way I could have reported the issue with ubuntu but well...
<Steap>would be nice to do so :)
<Steap>We're interested in __all__ the bugs
<Steap>Do you know much about zile ?
<amirouche>no I don't know zile
<amirouche>just wanted to try it
<Steap>4 tests are failing, someone has to look into that
<amirouche>how is guix supposed to deal with multiple package versions ?
<amirouche>I mean say I have guile-2.0.9 which not compatible with a guile-1.8.x
<amirouche>then another package depends on guile but support both versions
<amirouche>there should be a way to specify in the guix runtime which version is prefered to avoid pulling 1.8 for instance
<amirouche>right now
<amirouche>regarding guile-reader
<amirouche>there two packages one for 1.8 and another for 2.0
<amirouche>also guix is kind of verbose with output that is not that useful
<Steap>well, as you said, you can install multiple versions of a package (like gcc 4.5, 4.6, 4.7...)
<Steap>what output doesn't seem helpful to you ?
<amirouche>thins like that
<Steap>the link seems broken
<amirouche>sorry I didn't make myself clear
<amirouche>basicaly I know somehow that it's possible, at least in nixos it is, to configure the builds
<amirouche>in the spirit of useflags in gentoo
<amirouche>you can set a variable to true so that guix package -i take that into account to build the thing
<amirouche>anyway I don't need that right now
<amirouche>I'm trying to create a recipe for skribilo
<amirouche>I fetched a guix-0.3 tarball and added a skribilo.scm in ./gnu/packages/
<amirouche>before getting the recipes "right" it seemed like ./pre-inst-env guix build skribilo --keep-failed
<amirouche>was finding the recipe
<amirouche>but now it says : guix build: error: skribilo: unknown package
<amirouche>what I'm doing wrong ? is there another way to create recipes ? maybe through overlays ?
<Steap>so, first of all, you should really use the Git repository if you intend to hack on Guix
<Steap>I think there's a syntax error or something in your recipe
<Steap>which prevents guix from finding it
<Steap>I get that error too sometimes, and it's not exactly clear
<Steap>Could you apste your recipe, maybe ?
<amirouche>thx for your support Steap :)
<amirouche>I'm trying to build guix from git and I got the following error
<amirouche>configure:7376: error: GNU libgcrypt does not appear to be usable; see `--with-libgcrypt-prefix' and `README'.
<Steap>";;; gnu/packages/skribilo.scm:8:2: warning: possibly unbound variable `gpl3'"
<Steap>I think it comes from this
<Steap>you need to use the "guix licenses" module
<Steap>yeah, you have to pass "--configure=/path/to/libgcrypt" to configure
<Steap>I meant "--with-libgcrypt-prefix=/path/to/libgcrypt"
<amirouche>of course
<amirouche>isn't this an issue ?
<amirouche>I mean it should find it no ?
<Steap>well, the autotools aren't exactly pure magic
<Steap>if libgcrypt is not in a "standard" directory, it can't find it
<Steap>I installed it with guix 0.1 (was a long time ago)
<Steap>and then, I ran configure in the guix git repo with "--with-libgcrypt-prefix=/home/cyril/.guix-profile/"
<Steap>and voilĂ 
<amirouche>it works :)
<amirouche>still strange because I installed libgcrypt with debian apt
<Steap>yeah, I had the same issue
<Steap>might be worth looking into that too
<amirouche>it might be because libgcrypt is not in /usr/lib/ directly on debian
<Steap>amirouche: yes, the directory structure was a bit weird
<amirouche>skribilo fails to compile in what I think to be a non trivial manner
<amirouche>I mean I can't debug it
<amirouche>here is the recipe I used
<Steap>Some guy had the same problem (not in Guix)
<Steap>see civodul's answer
<Steap>I think you need guile-lib in order to have htmlprag
<Steap>guile-lib does not seem to be packaged in Guix
<Steap>amirouche: how did you hear about Guix ?