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<amirouche>héllo, it's not clear from the documentation whether I need guix daemon if I install it as a user
<Steap>amirouche: you need to run the daemon; yes
<amirouche>I did install guix, the daemon running, I ran guix pull
<amirouche>which installed some stuff
<amirouche>now I try guix package -i zile
<amirouche>I have this backtrace
<Steap>amirouche: what version of Guix and Guile do you use ?
<amirouche>guix: 0.3 guile: 2.0.7
<Steap>"sendfile" is only defined in Guix0.8+
<Steap>but Guix should be able to detect that you do not have it
<amirouche>guix 0.8+ ? how can I get to that version ?
<amirouche>the latest release of guix is 0.3 from a few days ago
<Steap>I'm pretty sure that with Guile 2.0.9, it would work (you could compile it yourself), but Guix should work with Guix 2.0.7
<Steap>Could you run (defined? 'sendfile) in guile ?
<amirouche>I will compile guile 2.0.9 then
<Steap>I mean, it's normal to get #f
<Steap>I havethe same with Guix 2.0.5
<Steap>but it's weird that Guix does not handle that well
<amirouche>Guile 2.0.5
<amirouche>guix should update guile ?
<Steap>you could install guile 2.0.9 using guix,yes
<Steap>I'm afraid you might run into the same issue though
<amirouche>I will install guile without guix
<amirouche>as soon as I install something with guix
<amirouche>I mean imagine it works
<amirouche>how does the systems knows about it ?
<amirouche>isn't there some PATH trickery to be done ?
<Steap>well, if you install Guile 2.0.9 in /home/amirouche/some/directory/bin
<Steap>you should add "export PATH=/home/amirouche/some/directory/bin:$PATH" at the end of your ~/.bashrc
<Steap>and run "source ~/.bashrc"
<Steap>then "which guile" should return "/home/amirouche/some/directory/bin"
<amirouche>I'm talking about guix installed packages not package that I install manually
<Steap>they are installed in ~/.guix-profile/bin
<Steap>so you should add taht to $PATH
<Steap>Btw, could you file a bug report ?
<amirouche>here ?
<amirouche>also guix installed guile 2.0.9
<amirouche>but is running the local guile
<amirouche>and ~/.guix-profile/bin does not exists
<Steap>don't you have a ~/.guix-profile ?
<Steap>are you sure guix did not fail ?
<amirouche>I mean I did configure make make install then guix pull
<amirouche>it failed because it had not the correct rights on /nix/store
<Steap>yeah right
<amirouche>a command to execute to correct the thing was provided
<amirouche>I executed it
<amirouche>then tried guic pull again
<Steap>(yep, use debbugs)
<amirouche>then it was saying it's ok
<Steap>(not sure how it works since we've only started to use that a few weeks ago and I was busy with work :/)
<Steap>so, have you tried installing "hello" through Guix ?
<amirouche>not hello just zile
<Steap>I think the ~/.guix-profile will be created when guix manages to install its first package
<amirouche>guix installed guile 2.0.9
<amirouche>in /nix/store
<amirouche>but guix script reference /usr/bin/guile which is 2.0.6 on my system
<amirouche>I replace the shebang with /usr/bin/env guile
<amirouche>but still fails with
<Steap>oh yeah, you don't have libgcrypt
<Steap>funny that configure does not tell you anything about this
<amirouche>configure told me about it
<amirouche>and I installed it
<Steap>oh, so Guix just can't find it
<amirouche>maybe it's not installed by guix
<Steap>The easy solution would be to install it through Guix too :)
<Steap>It's quite weird that it's not found by Guix
<Steap>It's not easy to install Guix yet, but it's worth the trouble :)
<amirouche>I wanted to use guix to pull quickly dependencies for skribilo
<amirouche>or create them
<amirouche>I used nixos
<amirouche>It's rather powerful system
<Steap>Haven't tried NixOS myself
<amirouche>which distribution you run guix on ?