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<zacts>guix seems to be the zfs of package management tools
<brendyn>Hopefully It will bring more people to libre distros since all other distros are just versions of other distros with things removed
<oitofelix>Hello all. Every time I start an installation procedure with Guix, like in "guix package --install=glibc" all substitute packages are retrieved and then I receive the following error: "guix package: error: build failed: unable to fork: Invalid argumen". Then Guix exits with error code of 1 and keeps failing with the same error when I retry. I'm using Guix 0.3 and Guile 2.0.5. Is someone experiencing that or has some thought on this issue
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<aurelien>how does that works? you have tested it? on parabola??
<aurelien>or it's completely independent and define the circle of a new type of distro?
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<oitofelix>gnunet_bot: log pointer?
<oitofelix>frusen: Have you tried to install some Guix package?
<frusen>oitofelix: No, not yet. :-)
<oitofelix>I'm getting a persistent error. I would be glad to compare it with your results on that. :-)
<frusen>oitofelix: Sure, how do I reproduce it?
<oitofelix>Just install Guix and run its daemon, then try to install some package like glibc: "guix package --install=glibc". I keep receiving "guix package: error: build failed: unable to fork: Invalid argument" and Guix exits with error code 1. :-(
<oitofelix>Right now I'm building Guile 2.0.9, as maybe it is a problem with Guile 2.0.5; idk...
<frusen>oitofelix: I will try it in a moment. Rebuilding Guix right now.
<oitofelix>frusen: All right! :-)
<frusen>oitofelix: It's working for me. Did you set up the daemon properly?
<oitofelix>I think so. I created the build group and users and started it with "guix-daemon --build-users-group=guix-builder". The daemon is responding with no error and informative messages like: "accepted connection from pid 25536, uid 0" and "265 operations".
<oitofelix>frusen: What is your version of Guile?
<frusen>oitofelix: 0.3
<frusen>oh wait
<oitofelix>frusen: So, it yet could be that. I'm using 2.0.5 right now.
<oitofelix>It seems 2.0.5 is the minimum version acceptable and I saw Ludovic asking for feedback about that particular version.
<frusen>oitofelix: I see. You're using Guix 0.3?
<oitofelix>The Guile build process is endless. :-P
<frusen>The glibc build process is endless on my YeeLoong. :-P
<oitofelix>frusen: You are building... of course! There is no binaries for you in That is another difference between us. I'm relying on substitute (pre-built) packages as my arch is i686.
<frusen>oitofelix: No, I'm running Guix on another system (this one), which is x86_64. I'm just building glibc on my YeeLoong for another reason. ;-)
<oitofelix>frusen: Ah... so OK then. What GNU distribution is running on your YeeLoong, if I may ask?
<oitofelix>Perhaps "distribution of GNU" is a clearer term... :-P
<oitofelix>s/clearer/more clear :-P
<frusen>oitofelix: I'm using gNewSense Parkes as a host. I'm building my own GNU system.
<oitofelix>frusen: That is a necessary step for every GNU lover isn't it? To build your own GNU system. When you have built and configured everything by hand you will realize the real purpose and value of a distribution and you will be a more complete person, because you improved your technical skills building it yourself and become aware of something you had already but didn't know its true value. At least it was that way with me. ;-)
<frusen>oitofelix: Very true. :-)
<Steap_>frusen: haveyou filed a bug report ?
<Steap_>frusen: can't really help you since I do not own a MISP machine
<Steap_>Nikita has one, but I don't think he comes to this channel very often
<frusen>Steap_: Do you mean oitofelix? It's he who has the issue.
<Steap_>frusen: yes, sorry
<Steap_>oitofelix: ^^
<oitofelix>Steap_: I think we have another misunderstanding here. I have a common i686 machine, not a MIPS one. But, indeed, I didn't filled a bug report yet. I'm trying to figure out, for a while, what is wrong. :-)
<oitofelix>Steap_: Do you have a i686 machine? Maybe you can actually help me! ;-)
<oitofelix>Is some Guix developer in this channel?
<oitofelix>frusen: My "make check" verification of the Guix package is failing in 9 of 10 tests with Guile 2.0.9. Could you execute that test so we can compare our results? (I expect you haven't deleted the build directory...)
<oitofelix>s/9 of 10 tests/9 of 19 tests
<frusen>oitofelix: Let me see...
<frusen>oitofelix: I passed all tests.
<oitofelix>So I'm facing a big problem.
<frusen>oitofelix: I'll try it on my i686 machine.
<oitofelix>frusen: That would be great! Which distribution of GNU are you running on each machine?
<oitofelix>frusen: Are you doing a VPATH build? (Because am I).
<frusen>oitofelix: I'm running Parabola on this one (x86_64) and on the i686 machine I run Dragora.
<frusen>oitofelix: I don't think so. :-P I'm not familiar with VPATH builds.
<oitofelix>Cool. It is good you will try on Dragora, because it seems, I think, to modify less the upstream packages and use a more basic set of configure parameters, so it is somewhat more similar to my system.
<oitofelix>frusen: Do you know what is a VPATH build?
<frusen>oitofelix: I'm reading about it right now.
<oitofelix>Smart boy! :-)
<Steap_>oitofelix: I do have an i686 machine
<Steap_>oitofelix: I'm a Guix developer, but unfortunately I have to go and will be travelling next week for work
<Steap_>oitofelix: so, if you could send us the logs
<Steap_>that'd be greate
<oitofelix>Steap_: Of course! I'll do that. Thank you! :-)
<oitofelix>frusen: In a nutshell: VPATH build is a build outside the source tree. I build that way when possible to not contaminate the source tree. So when I'm done, I just delete the directory. My experience shows that it can be a determinant to failures at make invocations, so I will try to run the test in a normal build.
<Steap_>oitofelix: I think I got one of the tests failing
<Steap_>Haven't had any problems wit hglibc though
<Steap_>Gotta go
<oitofelix>Steap_: Bye o/
<frusen>oitofelix: I need to run an errand realy quick.
<oitofelix>frusen: Oh... Ok. Take care! :-)
<oitofelix>Guile 2.0.9 didn't solve my problem; it lies somewhere else.
<frusen>oitofelix: I need to build a few dependencies as well.
<oitofelix>frusen: My non-VPATH build fails the same in the check procedure. Right now I'm checking Guile 2.0.9.
<oitofelix>My Guile 2.0.9 "make check" status:
<oitofelix>Totals for this test run:
<oitofelix>passes: 38861
<oitofelix>failures: 0
<oitofelix>unexpected passes: 0
<oitofelix>expected failures: 6
<oitofelix>unresolved test cases: 26
<oitofelix>untested test cases: 1
<oitofelix>unsupported test cases: 9
<oitofelix>errors: 0
<oitofelix>So, I guess there is no problem with the Guile just built.
<frusen>oitofelix: You're right. Guile takes ages to build...
<oitofelix>Heh :-).
<oitofelix>I have made some modifications for the build process, first I have built in a path that doesn't have links to dereference. Second, I built outside the "onion network proxy jail" (usewithtor) in which my Emacs daemon is siting. The result is that all tests pass, but "tests/". \\o/ Some progress!
<frusen>oitofelix: Good! I'm still stuck in the process of building Guile. :-P
<frusen>oitofelix: I got 76 failures.
<oitofelix>frusen: oO That's weird.
*oitofelix wonders if Guix will work with frusen's build.