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<civodul>Hello Guix!
*brendyn can't wait to run guix as his distro ;p
<civodul>heh :-)
<civodul>you can already try it atop your current distro
<brendyn>I must force patience in myself
<brendyn>Why kind of style of distro is it going to be? Up to date and rolling like parabola?
<civodul>this is still open, but probably this way, yes
<civodul>well that's what it currently is in practice
<brendyn>shipping binary packages?
<civodul>yes, it's called "transparent source/binary deployment"
<civodul>it uses binaries when available, builds from source otherwise
<brendyn>any you can easily choose which packages you want from binary and which build?
<brendyn>but to get the source there would need already be whatever guix's alternative to a PKGBUILD is
<civodul>by default it takes the binaries, but you can say --no-substitutes to avoid that
<civodul>there's a unified way to handle sources & binaries, unlike, say, Debian
<brendyn>I guess that would mostly be useful on MIPS where there would not be many people building packages for you
<brendyn>sounds awesome. would you say it is technically superior to gentoos emerge, even though i havent used it much people seem to think it can do quite a bit
<brendyn>hmm looks like it is not so easy to install
<civodul>do report any problems you stumble upon!
<civodul>and yes, it is superior to Gentoo's thing :-)
<brendyn>I don't even know how to configure it, since it says to to set some variables i dont know anything about
<civodul>who says that? :-)
<civodul>under "Installing Guix from Guix", which is not what you're doing, i think
<civodul>brendyn: see
<civodul>it's linked from "Installation instructions" on the web site
<civodul>README should refer to it too, i guess
<brendyn>for one there is no INSTALL file :P
<brendyn>documentation bug!
<civodul>$ tar tf guix-0.3.tar.gz|grep INSTALL
<civodul>what are you looking at?
<brendyn>i got the git repo
<civodul>it's easier from a tarball :-)
<brendyn>I'm peaking at some package files. Why is it that they have multiple packages in the same file. like guile has multiple versions and emacs.scm has emacs and geiser
<civodul>well, that's what we ended up with, mostly
<brendyn>It's going to stay that way?
<civodul>it's not set in stone
<civodul>what do you think of it? :-)
<brendyn>It seems weird and disorganised.
<civodul>ah ok
<civodul>well some people like it this way, others don't
<civodul>i prefer this than what Nixpkgs does, for instance
<brendyn>I can't think of what's good about it
<civodul>it has a fancy classification, and one file per package, and on directory per package to store that single file (really!)
<civodul>what would you prefer?
<brendyn>Well I have only thought about it for about 1 minute and I'm not familiar with guix
<brendyn>Hmm It makes more sense if I consider geiser to be a part of emacs, which it sort of is
<civodul>so we debated this at the beginning
<civodul>and we couldn't come up with a classification that wouldn't suck one way or another, basically
<civodul>so that's what we have
<brendyn>It was silly of me to judge so quickly. I've tought myself that I should make conclusions about stuff without thinking about it for atleast 5 minutes, but its easy to do ;/
<civodul>fortunately, when using Geiser, one can jump to package definitions, so that's not a real problem
<civodul>heh, np ;-)
<brendyn>Would it be possible to abstract define-module further so that you dont need to have #:use-module 5-10 times in a row?
<civodul>hmm yes, but that would mean adding a global macro in the default module
<civodul>and then, if you try to use a module without having that macro it would fail
<civodul>it's true that there's some redundancy here
<brendyn>Fair enough
<brendyn>Uh, how much stuff does running `make` have to download?
<civodul>just two bootstrap tarballs
<civodul>(could be reduced to 1)
<civodul>so that's like 4 MiB, i think
<civodul>6 MiB in total
<brendyn>oh wow, version-control.scm really does go and include different packages
<brendyn>I would have just done one package for each different program. Why did you decide that sucked?
<brendyn>one file*
<civodul>we actually do a bit of both :-)
<civodul>sometimes, things make sense together, like autotools.scm
<civodul>and you want to avoid the overhead of adding one module every time
<civodul>so it's really a tradeoff
<brendyn>What are modules technically?
<civodul>hash tables
<civodul>but one module also means one .go file to load when you traverse the list of packages, for instance
<brendyn>And what's wrong with adding one per package/
<civodul>I/O, mostly
<civodul>for some operations
<brendyn>Well one day when I have time I might try learn how to use it and package something for you.
<civodul>that'd be welcome :-)
<brendyn>But for now I'm going to close my IRC client because I really need to study