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<bubu>hum, my english is terrible
<bubu>time for some sleep
<civodul>ah, i see
<civodul>yes, there could be a Scheme procedure that generates a derivation that runs "autoreconf" and such
<civodul> now with logos (for GNU packages that have one) :-)
<bubu>so that every auto* project properly made (with dependencies declaration) would have his derivation already ready
<civodul>in practice, it's not quite standardize
<civodul>sometimes "autoreconf" is enough, but sometimes there are other steps needed
<civodul>like "git submodule init", "gnulib-tool --update", etc.
<civodul>so it couldn't be 100% generic
<bubu>yes, i understand this, i was just think of a quick way to "simple" projects
<bubu>just no to frighten developer
<civodul>yeah, could be
<civodul>though for a simple project, "autoreconf" should work :-)
<civodul>and it can't really be any simpler ;-)
<bubu>"make you properly, generate the rest and just check its ok"
<bubu>yes but for you derivation, you still need to fill the name, version and dependencies
<bubu>then it could run autoreconf && ./configure && make afterwards
<bubu>why not
<civodul>maybe i misunderstood
<civodul>are you talking about generating a package definition from a
<civodul>aaah, ok
<civodul>sorry :-)
<civodul>so yes!
<civodul>that's a good idea
<civodul>i know Nixpkgs has a script that does that +/- for Xorg packages
<civodul>well, patches welcome :-)
<bubu>because i was thinking that it's hard for a lonely dev to manage properly script files for package managers as he already spent time to make something similar for autoconf
<bubu>I which I had time for this, but it won't be before a few mouths at best that I can start looking at this :(
<civodul>though i hope it doesn't look too difficult either:
<bubu>yes that what I quickly look for 20 mins ago :)
<bubu>but i'm noob for parsing, the best would be to hack autoconf after it has done all the parsing
<civodul>actually autoconf has an option to extract useful info
<bubu>interesting !
<bubu>but first some sleep, gonna take some time during the week end to look for this maybe