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<Steap>Hydra is down all the time
<Steap>Reminds me of something.
<Steap>By the way
<Steap>substitute-binary: guix substitute-binary: warning: while fetching server is unresponsive
<Steap>substitute-binary: guix substitute-binary: warning: try `--no-substitutes' if the problem persists
<Steap>I get this message even when using "--no-substitutes" in "guix build"
<civodul>how to reproduce?
<Steap>Just try building any package with "--no-substitutes"
<Steap>and use "--verbosity=5"
<Steap>or any number that produces a lot of output :p
<civodul>i can't
<civodul>i mean, it works for me, as i said to Nikita on the list
<civodul>perhaps i just need to find a case that doesn't work, dunno
<civodul>or maybe that related to Guile 2.0.5
<Steap>I use Guile 2.0.9 now
<civodul>could you look at show-what-to-build in ui.scm?
<civodul>that is, use `pk' to print the value of `use-substitutes?' around there
<Steap>use-substitutes? is #f in show-what-to-build
<civodul>Steap: in build.scm, could you move the (set-build-options ...) expression above, just before the (let* ...) ?
<Steap>Still the same
<civodul>and if you comment out (show-what-to-build ...) in build.scm?
<Steap>It still complains about being unresponsive :/