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<youlysses>civodul: GNU Jitsu, being a play on the Japanese Martial Art "Ju Jitsu". Which actually more-or-less fits the Hydra and/or Hydra-like package-build service fairly well in it's translation. "Ju", which can be translated to mean flexible, pliable, or yielding and "Jitsu" which means "art" or "technique". Maybe I'm just being sappy though.
<civodul>aah, got it!
<civodul>well, why not
<civodul>In a 1986 interview with BYTE magazine, Stallman summed up the GPL in colorful terms. In addition to proclaiming hacker values, Stallman said, readers should also “see it as a form of intellectual ju-jitsu, using the legal system that software hoarders have set up against them.”
<youlysses>civodul: I mean, if it's turns out to be a pain to do ... don't feel forced by any-means; I just thought it was more-or-less the right combination of a painfully obviously pun someone has not made up until this to this point made (or at least one I haven't seen) and something that resembles decent branding.
<civodul>Hello Guix!
***Steap_ is now known as Steap
*civodul cross-built a statically-linked GCC :-)
<civodul>mips/n4 → done