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<civodul>an interesting article someone pointed out in #nixos:
<civodul>this is an area where Nix & Guix shine
<youlysses_mbl>So does just forward to NixOs allotted spots for the GNU project, are we hosting a separate instance, or something else?
<civodul>it's a separate instance
<civodul>hosted by the FSF
<youlysses_mbl>Cool! Do they even have the infrastructure to support such a thing long-term yet, though?
<civodul>not really
<civodul>it's just a small machine currently
<civodul>so in the longer run, we'd need a real build farm
<youlysses_mbl>I'd be willing to throw in at least 100 usd into some-sort of crowdfunding campaign, if and/or when such a thing would be ideal. Though that is likely a fairly long-way-out before there are enough users and packages for such a thing to be a major problem. :-P
<civodul>well, it can get busy fairly quickly actually
<civodul>like when there's a full rebuild
<youlysses_mbl>I suppose once the initial live-image is released, too should be an explanation of the need and a link to donate, might work and then do a formal campaign if needed.
<civodul>yeah, probably
<civodul>a lot of marketing work to do! :-)
<youlysses_mbl>I'm pretty confident we'll get there, but yeah it will likely be a lot of work. On that note, I've seen you've been packaging like a madman! :-D
*youlysses_mbl actually hoping and thinking he will have time to help start packaging various pieces of GNOME tech.
<youlysses_mbl>Oh jeez, the time. I'll likely be back on around 5 hours from now. Peace people.
<civodul>it's been quiet here
<youlysses_mbl>civodul: What's up?
<civodul>packaging and all that
<civodul>what 'bout you?
<civodul>any failure or success to report? :-)
<youlysses_mbl>I just more-or-less finished setting up my laptop. I am back on NixOs and planing to stay there until the live-image is released. :-)
<youlysses_mbl>Is there any list and/or page covering requested packages? Obviously all of GNU itself, but yeah. :-P
<civodul>ah, you mean what's missing?
<civodul>not really
<civodul>chances are that if you package something, nobody else is working on it
<civodul>well, except if you pick something on the critical path, like GTK & co :-)
<civodul>another thing you can do is to use it and report bugs
<civodul>it's easy to use on NixOS
<civodul>it can share the store with Nix
<youlysses_mbl>civodul: Yeah, I am hoping for a near, to painless install tomorrow. On Parabola, via the Aur it was surely so. :-)