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<civodul>Hello Guixers!
<Steap>Assertion failure in Nix
<Steap>Today is a good day.
<civodul>hey Steap!
<civodul>in the daemon?
<civodul>could it be this: ?
<Steap>oh yes
<Steap>Missed this
<Steap>Has upstream accepted the patch yet ?
<civodul>and if you run ./bootstrap from a current checkout, you get the latest daemon
<Steap>So I should probably run ./bootstrap frequently ?
<civodul>no, just when the "nix-upstream" Git submodule is updated
<civodul>which is quite rare
<civodul>seen in ImageMagic: static MagickBooleanType ValidateRGBToYDbDr()
<civodul>(where MagickBooleanType is bool_t, aka. int)