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<habstinat>Can Guix alpha be bootstrapped from mips64el to run independently yet? Or must it run alongside another GNU/Linuxen?
<civodul>Hello Guixers!
<handheldCar>hey civodul
<handheldCar>habstinat had a question about booting on mips64el.
<civodul>i'm all ears :-)
<habstinat>handheldCar: Ah yes; sorry I meant to idle overnight but my laptop hibernated
<handheldCar>no problem, I don't think this
<handheldCar>Guix hacker was present at the time
<habstinat>I was just curious about Guix; I'm running gNewSense on my Yeeloong right now but I was wondering if Guix is at the point where it's possible to boostrap a Guix alpha install on mips64el that's bootable without using any parts from another GNU/Linux
<civodul>habstinat: so currently, Guix is not standalone: it allows you to install packages on top of a running GNU/Linux system
<civodul>that should be fixed within a couple of months, hopefully
<civodul>as for MIPS: there's an mips64el branch, which allows packages to be built on mips64el/N32
<civodul>but there were discussions that N64 would be preferable
<civodul>so that's where we're heading now
<civodul>i'm personally working on the cross-compilation of the "bootstrap binaries"
<habstinat>civodul: Yes; I saw that in the archives which is what peaked my interest in this project
<habstinat>OK; great; I may try Guix out later this week. Thanks for the info.
<civodul>you're welcome
<civodul>don't hesitate to chime in here or on the ML if you have any issues/questions
<Steap>| | substitution of `/nix/store/mvpy4wa7dq8z5f4s5c1gmjh4jplyiw2a-git-': trying next substituter
<Steap>| | starting substituter program `/home/cyril/guix/nix/scripts/substitute-binary'
<Steap>I'm stuck here when trying to build git
<Steap>Weirdest thing is I used "--no-substitutes"
<Steap>any idea what's wrong
<Steap>oh nope, it's working
<Steap>It juste took quite a long time to start
<Steap>Funny, I removed "--no-substitutes" and it's taking quite a long time doing... nothing
<Steap>does this happen to anyone else ?
<civodul>Steap: yes, is stuck
<civodul>i haven't restarted it, because i'm testing an improvement for that situation :-)
<civodul>but if you use --no-substitutes, then there's no problem