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<jturner>greetings, i was curious to find out if any progress has been made on the guix based bootable distro?
<jturner>i haven't really been paying attention to guix since it's initial release
<civodul>jturner: regarding the bootable thing, not yet
<civodul>0.2 and the forthcoming 0.3 focus on getting the package manager full-featured
<civodul>and growing the distro
<civodul>(the set of available packages)
<civodul>the short/medium-term plan is at
<civodul>oh, the "next few days" mentioned there turned out to be longer ;-)
<jturner>cool, thanks
<Steap>Not sure we'll have a bootable distro for GNU's birthday :)
<civodul>we already have boot-to-Guile
<civodul>having something bootable is not that difficult
<civodul>having the full-blown configuration language is what's more tricky