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<civodul>do you have network access? :-)
<civodul>normally that's the only case where lookup-narinfo doesn't write out a file
<Steap>yes, I have network access :D
<civodul>can you check what happens in open-cache?
<civodul>i think it returns #f, but i don't know why
<civodul>so you would add calls to `pk' there
<civodul>(`pk' displays its arguments and returns the last one)
<civodul>anyway, good night/day!
<civodul>Hello Guixers!
<Steap>civodul: I think I nailed it :)
<civodul>tell me everything
<Steap>cf. the mailing list :)
<civodul>ah, lemme see
<Steap>Aren't you supposed to be at work ? :)
<civodul>but i'm about to leave actually ;-)
<civodul>doesn't the patch just swap the two arms?
<civodul>ah no
<civodul>ok, i see
<Steap>when (version) returns "2.0.7"
<Steap>we run the 2.0.9+ code
<Steap>=> exception
<Steap>=> #f
<Steap>=> substituter not working
<Steap>=> Steap sad.
<civodul>yeah, got it ;-)
<civodul>have to go