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<civodul>Hello Guixers!
*civodul just finished his ELS talk about Guix
*add^_ doesn't know what ELS is, but still thinks that it's cool
<civodul>European Lisp Symposium
<civodul>did you miss the wonderful Guix paper? :-)
<add^_>Yeah probably..
<add^_>Now I need to subscribe to all the mailinglists again :-P I unsubscribed because I thought everything took too much time.
<civodul>and/or to the RSS feed
<add^_>The News RSS feed?
<add^_>On ?
<add^_>well software/guix
<civodul>there's a link
<civodul>with the orangish icon
<civodul>web 2.0!
<add^_>It's annoying to add feeds to feedly :-/
<civodul>feedly? an RSS reader?
*civodul uses Gnus
<add^_>It's on my tablet
<add^_>And yeah
<add^_>It's a rss reader
<add^_>Had to search for the savannah link to the rss atom thingy
<civodul>ah, i thought i linked it from /software/guix, no?
<civodul>or did i get it wrong?
<add^_>Well, to get the RSS feed to feedly, I have to do stupid things
<add^_>Normally one should just be able to press the orangeish button and be done with it
<add^_>It's a good reader except that..
<add^_>Emacs for android-tablets sounds awesome though..
<add^_>Would be nice to have.
<add^_>There is actually emacs on it, but as far as I know it's not very reliable.. :-/
<civodul>yeah, an inconvenient
<add^_>I didn't know ASDF 3 was released. Good for the CL people :-)
*add^_ used to be one of them