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<CaptainLex>Hello all!
<CaptainLex>So I have some time today...about two and a half hours.
<CaptainLex>Thinks that's enough time to package sl, or at least get a bite on it, from 0 to 60?
<Steap>start now!
<CaptainLex>haha, well, Steap, I do have some questions about where to begin!
<Steap>"don't ask to ask"
<CaptainLex>Haha fair enough
<CaptainLex>my main question regards the buildchain
<CaptainLex>Which is to say
<CaptainLex>the sl tarball the author hosts on his ite
<CaptainLex>contains a makefile
<CaptainLex>What else does it need or want?
<Steap>probably nothing
<Steap>isn't there a README ?
<CaptainLex>Oh, I mean
<CaptainLex>I mean the makefile works
<CaptainLex>I just don't know how to invoke from the package definition
<Steap>well, the gnu-build-system calls configure, make, make check, make install
<Steap>it also unpacks the tarball
<Steap>replaces /bin/sh by /nix/.../bin/sh in the scripts
<CaptainLex>Is there a good, simple package definition I should read or something? Probably hello?
<Steap>yes, hello looks simple enough
<CaptainLex>Where are all the package definitions hiding, again?
<Steap>in gnu/packages
<Steap>try using "git grep" to find the packages you're interested in quickly
<CaptainLex>Oh, thanks
<CaptainLex>Oh jeez, I wish I was using Guix right now. My current package manager is ruining my day
<CaptainLex>Restarting, brb
<CaptainLex|Mob>Well, almost nothing will run on my computer right now
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