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<CaptainLex|AFK>Anyone awake in here?
<civodul>Hello Guixers!
<CaptainLex|ZZZ>Morning civodul!
<CaptainLex>Success, everyone! I chown'd /usr/local/var to captain, reinstalled, and now it's installed!
<CaptainLex>Now: how do I run it from the shell? :P
<CaptainLex>Ah, I suppose I'd add /usr/local/var/nix/profiles/per-user/captain/bin to my PATH variable?
<Steap>CaptainLex: it would be simpler to add ~/.guix-profile/bin to your PATH :)
<Steap>it's a symlink to /path/to/nix/.../bin
<CaptainLex>Oh, nice!
<CaptainLex>Thanks, Steap!~
<Steap>still, it's weird that you cant compile gcc
<Steap>hopefully you could use the substituter
<CaptainLex>It seems to be working so far!
<Steap>k good
<Steap>Now, how about you package sl ? :p
<CaptainLex>Unfortunately I have a more pressing engagement on this day
<CaptainLex>I might be able to take that whack Sunday morning
<civodul>CaptainLex: when you have time, can you try to build without going through the substituter?
<civodul>like "guix build hello --no-substitute"
<civodul>and if hello is already there, run "guix gc --delete /nix/store/...-hello..."
<Steap>couldn't he run "guix package -r hello" ?
<civodul>that removes it from the profile, not from the store
<Steap>I see
<Steap>would be quite bad if the linker failed for al lpackages indeed
<civodul>so if it's in the profile, you need "guix package -r", then remove the previous generations of the profile, then "guix gc --delete xxx"
<Steap>I hope the problem is just gcc-related
<civodul>i can't see how that can happen in chroot builds
<civodul>we've seen all sorts of bugs, but not that kind :-)
<CaptainLex>So sometimes after running an install, "XXX operations" ends up being printed in the input line, instead of before it
<CaptainLex>But building hello after deleting it did work
<civodul>CaptainLex: "XXX operations" is printed by the daemon
<civodul>i usually run the daemon in a different terminal than the clients
<CaptainLex>Ah, okay xP
<civodul>so that i'm not disturbed by those messages