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<civodul>Hello Guixers!
<Steap>Hey !
<CaptainLex>Hello guiks!
<CaptainLex>The semester is over!
<Steap>Don't be so happy
<CaptainLex>Haha, why not?
<Steap>Cuz school roxx :)
<CaptainLex>Mhmm :P
<CaptainLex>Anyway, today I am going to complete uninstall guix, pull the latest source, and reinstall from scratch
<CaptainLex>(and by completely, I mean not completely. I'm not going to remove my daemon users, for instance :P)
<CaptainLex>I got an error during make
<Steap>Could you copy it to a paste site ?
<CaptainLex>Sure thing!
<Steap>Are you on Master ?
<Steap>what did you run before "make" ?
<CaptainLex>bootstrap and config
<CaptainLex>(I'm fairly new to the GNU buil system)
<Steap>what is your configuration line ?
<CaptainLex>What's that?
<Steap>how did you run configure
<CaptainLex>Oh, I just
<CaptainLex>I mean
<CaptainLex>"Oh, I see"
<Steap>did it return 0 ? :p
<CaptainLex>Hmm. It didn't explicitly claim to
<CaptainLex>But it didn't error
<CaptainLex>The last line was "config.status: creating po/makefile"
<Steap>looks good
<CaptainLex>Oh, I see. Reran bootstrap as root, and I think make is working this time
<CaptainLex>Nope, didn't
<CaptainLex>Same error, just happened later
<Steap>You should not have to run bootstrap as root
<Steap>can you confirm you're at 3d6b71e87eca505262f9756644d72e545c7e48f8 ?
<CaptainLex>Is there a more verbose version of git status, or how do I do that?
<Steap>git log
<CaptainLex>Yep, that's the one
<Steap>What's your version of Guile ?
<Steap>do you have Guile 2.0.x ?
<Steap>civodul: do you think it's fine to use Guile 2.1.0 ?
<CaptainLex>so I did make uninstall on my git guile2
<CaptainLex>and installed 2.0.9 from the arch community repo
<CaptainLex>doing which guile says /usr/bin/guile, and running that absolute path works
<Steap>so you managed to compile guix ?
<CaptainLex>No, I'm just trying to switch guile to an earlier version
<Steap>isn't /usr/bin/guile guile 2.0.9 ?
<CaptainLex>It is
<CaptainLex>The rest of the story is that running "guile" from bash gives the error "/usr/local/bin/guile: no such file or directory"
<CaptainLex>Nonetheless, make worked that time
<CaptainLex>Okay, make install also worked
<CaptainLex>Now running guix 0.2! :D
<CaptainLex>I'm going to go finish my crpe and try installing a package
<Steap>crpe ?
<CaptainLex>Oh yeah, I forgot unicode support on IRC is spotty
<CaptainLex>crepe :P
<CaptainLex>I am getting a fairly early error now
<Steap>when doing what ?
<CaptainLex>guix package -i hello
<CaptainLex>starts to download, then gives me "bzip2: (stdin) is not a bzip file", then a backtrace
<Steap>again, paste the output
<Steap>I guess this is a substituter problem
<Steap>When you run "package -i foo", Guix tries to download a pre-compiled binary from
<Steap>I think there might be a bug
<Steap>I can't try the substituter myself because I have an x86 machine, and it only works with x86_64
<Steap>what you could do is try the "--no-substitutes" option (see the documentation in doc/)
<Steap>this will not try to download a pre-compiled binary
<Steap>the only drawback is that Guix will be compiling for a while
<CaptainLex>Thanks, I'll give it a shot!
*CaptainLex showered
<CaptainLex>Guix is still going
<CaptainLex>good sign so far!
<Steap>Too bad the substituter does not work with 0.2 :/
<Steap>It was one of the big improvements for this release
*CaptainLex 's head pops
<CaptainLex>Steap and civodul, what is this! :( This is the error I was getting last time, too
<CaptainLex>Yep, at the very same step in the build process
<civodul>hey there!
<civodul>Steap & CaptainLex: you were asking about Guile "2.1" (which again is not released)
<civodul>so the answer is "no" :-)
<civodul>that is, you should use a 2.0 release
<CaptainLex>Well, I did change to 2.0.9
<civodul>CaptainLex: so how far did you get?
<CaptainLex>So guix installed perfectly
<CaptainLex>Well, I hit the exact same snag I did with v.1
<civodul>argh, not nice
<CaptainLex>Haha not at all
*civodul checks the ML archive
<civodul>CaptainLex: there are a couple of messages that you left unanswered back then ;-)
<CaptainLex>Well, I'll be glad to attempt to answer them now, civodul
<civodul>hmm, could you reply to the thread, providing all the relevant info: architecture, Guile version, localstatedir value, daemon setting (compared to the manual), etc.
<civodul>you might have found a bug, but i can't tell right now
<CaptainLex>Should I repost the error message?
<civodul>yes, and more specifically all the info above :-)
<civodul>and the command you typed also
<CaptainLex>What is the "localstatedir" value?
<Steap>CaptainLex: you really have to write your messages on the mailing-list thinking "if I was one of the developers, would it be enough for me to start debugging ? Could I try and reproduce the issue ?"
<civodul>CaptainLex: try "grep localstatedir config.log"
<civodul>it's the directory where Guix stores, well, its local state ;-)
<civodul>its value is determined when you run ./configure
<CaptainLex>Hmm, okay
<CaptainLex>I've sent it out
<CaptainLex>Also, the substituter has not been working for me
<CaptainLex>I'm tempted to just switch back to Ubuntu, except I remember that Ashish was also an arch user, and he got it up and running fine
<CaptainLex>It's very frustrating to think someone else is better at typing "guix package -i hello" than you are :P
<CaptainLex>(I am reminded of this )
<Steap>"on a fresh new guix
<Steap>Aren't you running Guix from the git repository ?
<Steap>Well, if the bug appeared between 0.2 and HEAD, we can't find it
<CaptainLex>What do you mean?
<Steap>Maybe 0.2 is fine
<CaptainLex>(And it didn't, I had this exact same behavior before .2's release)
<Steap>But the next revision isn't
<Steap>Funny how ld does not complain about anything
<Steap>and just fails
<Steap>You might try to get gcc directly from hydra though
<Steap>this would be a workaround
<CaptainLex>Hmm, how could I do that?
<civodul>mailing list, please! :-)
<CaptainLex>Sent :P
<CaptainLex>Alright, I'll be AFK for most of the rest of the day
<civodul>ok, thanks!
<CaptainLex>I'm seriously consider dropping Ubuntu on this machine just to see if it'll make it happen
<civodul>we'll let our team of experts investigate the issue
<CaptainLex>Hahaha thanks ;)
<civodul>the underlying distro shouldn't be a problem
<civodul>thanks to chroot builds
<CaptainLex>I just want some kind of easy fix
<Steap>CaptainLex: you could try in a VM, but don't wipe out your hard drive yet
<CaptainLex>I'll be very dispirited if I can't go GSoC because of dark magic xP
<Steap>CaptainLex: try removing "--no-substitutes"
<Steap>if bzip2 is already installed, this might work
<CaptainLex>bzip2 is already installed; it's what's giving me the "(stdin) is not a bzip file" error
<CaptainLex|AFK>I have to bounce, though
<Steap>I thought it was doing this while installing bzip2
<CaptainLex|AFK>Check you later, guys!
<CaptainLex|AFK>Thanks for all your help!
<civodul>Steap: no need to try in a VM; everything goes to $storedir, so it's easy to remove it
<civodul>make uninstall && rm -rf /nix
<civodul>ah, "not a bzip file"
<civodul>that may well be a bug
<civodul>too bad it's not in the report
<Steap>civodul: it's another bug
<civodul>i have that bzip2 bug
<civodul>crap crap crap
<Steap>I can't try it because I don't have an x86_64 machine
<civodul>hey hey!
<civodul>my laptop crashed
<Steap>Maybe your distribution is a bit unstable
<civodul>ahah :-)
<civodul>it's an Xorg/Linux thing
<Steap>Well, you used to have an X packager in your team :)
<civodul>but i think he's become unhelpful in that area ;-)
<Steap>too bad :(
<civodul>got it!
<civodul>the damn bug
<Steap>the Xorg/Linux one, or the substituter one ?
<civodul>the substituter
<civodul>sometimes you have to push a release to actually experience problems
<Steap>do you have a fix ?
<Steap>Should we release 0.3 ? :D
<civodul>i have a fix!
<civodul>Steap: didn't you have problems with the `filtered-port' test?
<civodul>from tests/utils.scm
<Steap>I think it was this one
<civodul>flaky connection, flaky software...
<civodul>how's this gonna work?