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<youlysses>Any idea why a sanity check would fail for cpp? Trying to bulid 0.2, right now. :-P
<civodul>Hello Guixers!
<civodul>news coverage + bug report: :-)
<civodul>Steap_: if you have an account, point 'em to the commit that fixes it ;-)
<Steap_>civodul: I'll do that today
<civodul>heheh, thanks
<civodul>can't see it yet, is it moderated or something?
<Steap_>Maybe it's "folded"
<civodul>hmm dunno
<civodul>thanks anyway!
<civodul>oh it shows up now
<civodul>not that i've been polling for the last 15mn, huh :-)
***Steap_ is now known as Steap
<Steap>damn, got a gazillion things to install to try the grue-hunter package
<Steap>Probably because of the core-updates merge
<civodul>the core-updates merge was *ages* ago
<civodul>what have you been doing? ;-)
<Steap>Working, Javascripting, procrastinating
<civodul>everyone javascripts these days
<Steap>It's quite a weird language
<Steap>Everything is asynchronous
<Steap>which is quite weird
<civodul>i recommend wingo's article
<Steap>It's quite a shame that the first spec was written in 2 weeks (true story) because we still suffer from that
<Steap>Nice, I'll have to read that