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*civodul uploaded the tarball :-)
<civodul>the announcements will be sent tomorrow
<civodul>Hello Guixers!
<civodul>0.2 is out! :-)
<civodul>someone will have to Reddit the release announcement
<civodul>or HN
<civodul>or whatever fashionable news site kids use these days :-)
<Steap>Never understood reddit :/
<Steap>"guix package -i hello" ended with a symlink error (permission denied) on my i686 machine
<Steap>(with Guix 0.2)
<Steap>But I think it's a configuration issue, since it works with master
<civodul>master and 0.2 are the same, so probably :-)
***Steap_ is now known as Steap