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<CaptainLex|2>Morning guiks!
<civodul>hey CaptainLex!
<CaptainLex>How's it going, civodul?
<civodul>good, good
<civodul>the release is getting into shape
<CaptainLex>Nice! My last day of schooling is two days from now, then I can starting poking around with guix again
<CaptainLex>How's the bureaucracy going on your end
<civodul>Steap is now registered as a mentor
<civodul>your mentor that is ;-)
<CaptainLex>Nice! :)
<CaptainLex>Thanks Steap! :D
<civodul>so i think we should be all set now
<civodul>Steap: can you confirm? :-)
<civodul>CaptainLex: before we validate, it would be great if you could confirm that you managed to get a working Guix installation
<civodul>Steap and i will be here to help you if needed
<civodul>(and hopefully others too ;-))
<civodul>what do you think?
<CaptainLex>You mean, today?
<civodul>no, within the next few days
<CaptainLex>I could definitely do it as soon as Tuesday
<Steap>The deadline is on May the 24th
<CaptainLex>Okay, awesome
<civodul>yeah great
<Steap>so being able to have something running by the 20th would be nice
<civodul>because it would be a waste to commit to something if we can't get past that point ;-)
<Steap>and packaging something as simple as "sl" too :)
<CaptainLex>Sure thing!
<civodul>test tarball at:
<civodul>feedback welcome! :-)