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<youlysses>civodul: Is it going to stay that way? Midwest US, specifically St.Louis, Mo, has been getting about half the week summer-weather, half the week heavy-rain, the past 2 or-so weeks. :-P
<civodul>it was ironic
<civodul>well, i did spend time outside, but it was mostly rainy
<Steap>youlysses: sounds familiar :)
<youlysses>Steap: :-)
<CaptainLex>Hello guiks!
<Steap>civodul: hey!
<Steap>civodul: I'm registered as a mentor on melange
<civodul>ok, i'll email Giuseppe then
<Steap>I mean, I got accepted by whoever is in charge of GNU on melange
<Steap>I think I might have to comment on Chris' proposal
<Steap>or maybe not :D
<civodul>heh, who knows :-)
<civodul>so much paperwork to siphon Google's bucks
<Steap>Would be easy for you to get a free vacation to Ireland this summer, though ;)
<civodul>heh, i have other plans ;-)
<civodul>did you run "guix package --upgrade" on your profile?
<civodul>(assuming you have a profile with a non-empty set of packages installed ;-))
<Steap>me ?
<civodul>yes, or anyone else :-)
<mark_weaver>civodul: why do you ask? (hi! :)
<civodul>hey mark_weaver!
<civodul>because it's a good stress test
<civodul>it worked for me
<mark_weaver>Yes, I do that periodically. I also made an attempt to add every existing package to my profile.
<civodul>ah, good :-)
<mark_weaver>though the last time I tried, I seem to recall that some things failed, so I probably don't really have everything in there.
<mark_weaver>ah, I see we have "guix --help" now. excellent :)
<civodul>yes, i thought it'd be better to have before the release :-)
<mark_weaver>I think that 'show-guix-usage' should advertise 'guix --help'
<mark_weaver>anyway, things in guix are coming along very nicely! :)
<civodul>re show-guix-usage, right
<mark_weaver>I'll soon make another attempt to look for packages that aren't in my profile, and build them as a test.
<mark_weaver>(my last global upgrade was shortly after core-updates was merged)
<civodul>yeah the core-updates merge was the big thing
<mark_weaver>civodul: in the NEWS entry on --upgrade, you might want to mention that it needn't upgrade *all* packages in a profile. it can also upgrade selected packages.
<mark_weaver>(sorry I can't help more concretely right now; I'm swamped with some other tasks outside of Guile/Guix)
<civodul>mark_weaver: good point!
<Steap>Have you guys heard about the new packaging system currently being developed by Ubuntu ?
<civodul>any links?
<Steap>Only on Phoronix
<Steap>Was reading an article about that on LinuxFR
<Steap>some guy in the comments stated that Ubuntu was thinking of using an already existing system, such as Nix
<civodul>"each package would install to its own directory, the entire package format would be purely declarative,"
<civodul>rings a bell :-)
<Steap>yeah :)
<Steap>The question is "would it duplicate libraries or not ?"
<civodul>heh, fun
<Steap>Would be quite crazy to see people using Nix on an Ubuntu phone :D
<civodul>well, the package management tool is mostly invisible
<civodul>so that's not so unrealistic, i think
<civodul>this time it could be judged solely on its economic value ;-)