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<CaptainLex|Uni>Hello all!
<CaptainLex|Uni>How's things, Steap?
<Steap>Struggling with Javascript, I'm afraid :/
<Steap>How about you ?
<CaptainLex|Uni>JavaScript is always a struggle. And I'm using an IRC client that doesn't notify me of anything xD
<CaptainLex|Uni>So, my apologies, Steap!
<CaptainLex|Uni>And, I fly!
<CaptainLex>Hello guiks!
<CaptainLex|>Stupid wifi :P
***CaptainLex| is now known as CaptainLex
<civodul>Hello Guixers!
<Steap>civodul: you're a bit late today.
<civodul>yeah, i took advantage of the nice weather ;-)