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<Steap>civodul: they also use pysetup
<civodul>ah, ok
<CaptainLex>So I suppose
<CaptainLex>any distro seeking to take full advantage of the Nix way
<CaptainLex>would have to absolutely scorn the use of tech-specific package management systems, e.g. Haskell's cabal, or the Ruby Version Manager
<civodul>Hello Guixers!
*civodul merges core-updates
<vic7>Hi all
<vic7>how to start... this no trial to troll but I have a rather provocative question,
<vic7>because I try to decode whether to go the NixOS path or the Guix path
<vic7>the Question is: Why Guix?
<vic7>More particular: Does guix have any advantage over NIX, *right now*?
<vic7>the disadvantages of Guix compared to Nix are obvious:
<vic7>no installable distribution, and much less packages.
<vic7>if there is no advantage right now, what could Guix possible do in the future that would not be doable with NIX?
<vic7>Note that for someone who has no experience with either system, guile is not a "pro"-argument over the NIX "custom" language.
<vic7>(and if there is still nothing except the different languages, I must ask: Why the effort of developing Guix?)
<taylanub>vic7: Is it a "disadvantage" for a piece of software to be under development and not having been released yet ?
<taylanub>Otherwise, from what I know the different language is the one and only point of it, but I could be greatly mistaken.
<taylanub>Which just so happens to be the language implemented by the official extension language of the whole GNU project, and will hopefully in the near future be integrated into Emacs as well, and eventually (I can dream) integrated tightly with the Hurd.
<taylanub>("language implemented by the language" was a broken sentence .. I meant to say, Guile also implements other programming languages.)
<vic7>If I want to use something now, beining (still) under development may be a disadvantage, yes.
<taylanub>Obviously; I don't think anyone would recommend to use Guix on a mission-critical system at the moment. :P
<vic7>I only know about guile that it is some high level programming language that is similar to lisp.
<vic7>Obviously :) because the packages one would need are not available yet.
<vic7>but how fast could guix catch up?
<taylanub>That's simplified to a degree that it's partially wrong .. and yeah, I don't think it's worth much trying to get into Guix if you don't care for Guile, but again I could be highly mistaken, I didn't dig into Guix at all yet myself, just know Guile and what Guix basically is.
<vic7>my impression so far is: not very fast.
<taylanub>Humanity isn't going away any time soon. :P
<vic7>I see.
<vic7>Humanity is not - but if (and that's my expression) you must tweak every singe ix package to be usable by guix...
<vic7>... you'll never catch up since the nix community is bigger.
<taylanub>Only at the moment.
<vic7>righ. but what is the key arrgument to favor guix over nix?
<taylanub>The fact that it's Guile!
<vic7>(neverminf the typos :8 )
<vic7>That seems to be not a strong argument for someone who does neither know guile nor NIX
<taylanub>If you want something fully usable right now, obviously Nix is the only choice. If you want to contribute to something that's under development, and are interested in Guile, Guix. That's what I'd say.
<taylanub>I'll have dinner, be back later.
<vic7>Thank you!