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<civodul>Hello Guixers!
<ashmew2>Hello civodul
<CaptainLex>Good morning Guixers!
<CaptainLex>Est-ce qu'il y a des gens ii?
<Cydroid>wow, you learnt French?
<CaptainLex>Haha in high school, yeah, I took a few years. It's definitely dropped away since I took Greek at university
<civodul>heh, fun
<civodul>bienvenue !
<CaptainLex>How is everyone?
<CaptainLex>I haven't been able to tinker with guix due to do school
*civodul is fine
<civodul>week-end approaching :-)
<CaptainLex>My new 13-port USB hub has arrived! :D
<CaptainLex>Restarting X....
<CaptainLex>Sadly sad. Builds for gcc still failing at the same place. Am I correct in recalling that the build should be independent of the state of your regular system (i.e. packages in your normal distro)?
<CaptainLex>Is there an option in Guix to get verbose linker output?
<CaptainLex>Whoa, is all the output from guix on stderr?
<Steap>CaptainLex: could you answer civodul's emails ?
<Steap>"Are you using a very recent snapshot of the ‘master’ branch?"
<Steap>"And are you doing chroot builds?
<CaptainLex>Oh man, I may have been responding only to him instead of responding all
<CaptainLex>Sorry about that
<CaptainLex>Yeah, all that was checking out
<CaptainLex>Steap: at first I thought it was due to some negligence on my part as an arch user, but then ashmew2 came along and demonstrated arch isn't the problem :P
<Steap>CaptainLex: could you try installing the package from the guix directory ?
<Steap>Run ./pre-inst-env ./scripts/guix package -i hello
<Steap>rather than using the "guix" binary from /usr/local/wherever
<CaptainLex>Oh, thank you! I shall
<Steap>see what I mean ?
<Steap>I usually do that because I don't feel like reinstalling every time I run "git pull" :)
<Steap>So we'll see if the problem is linked to the installation
<CaptainLex>Hmm, how can I check if the daemon is running?
<Steap>ps aux | grep daemon ?
<CaptainLex>Oh that's a real handy command, thanks!
<CaptainLex>Well, it's running so far
<CaptainLex>it always takes a long time to do these .go files, whatever they are
<Steap>CaptainLex: so ?
<CaptainLex>It appears to still be chilling at "compiled [...]/package.scm.go
<Steap>this should be compiled already