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<civodul>'lo Guixers!
<ashmew2>Hello CaptainLex , im in India.
<ashmew2>CaptainLex, what about you??
<ashmew2>hmm , i tried to do a guix-package install gcc.
<ashmew2>it just shows 1069 operations now
<ashmew2>no useful info there.
<ashmew2>oh shit.
<civodul>"guix-package --install gcc --dry-run" should tell you what it's going to do
<ashmew2>i tried guix-package -i gcc
<ashmew2>right now
<ashmew2>well, a dumb(very?) question maybe, but the packages that are being "installed", dont you need to run/execute them? how do you do that under Guix?
<civodul>ashmew2: not sure what you mean
<civodul>i think the manual describes the basic "modus operandi"
<ashmew2>well, Guix will only be downloading/installing packages , right
<ashmew2>not running them EVER.
<civodul>it's up to you to decide whether to run what you install
<civodul>i don't get it
<add^_>ashmew2: think apt
<add^_>But functional
<add^_>apt doesn't run any programs, it just installes/removes/whatever them.
<add^_>On another note, I really dislike translating C++ to Scheme. :-P
<add^_>I don't know either well enough I suppose :-/
<ashmew2>add^_, i know what a package manager is.
<add^_>So what are you asking?
<add^_>Or maybe, why?
<ashmew2>i was thinking more along the lines of if we need to execute programs after installing them ever.
<ashmew2>add^_, :P
<ashmew2>civodul, yeah i get it now :P
<add^_>guix with-command && run-whatever?
<ashmew2>guix-package install WeaponX
<ashmew2>WeaponX finished installing, should i run it for you ? /*Calls WeaponX.bin*/
<add^_>Sounds like the "Do you want to run it?" in Windows.
<add^_>Then I know what you mean. Sounds pretty unnecessary though.. IMO.
<ashmew2>exactly !
<ashmew2>yes it does.
<ashmew2>i was just asking , was thinking about something.
<ashmew2>yes :P
<ashmew2>add^_, you working on something?
<add^_>Same thing as yesterday, I just need to redo most of it..
<add^_>Mostly because I didn't use my brain when I first wrote the code.
<add^_>At all.
<add^_>Or so it seems at least..
<ashmew2>Comments are your friend lmao.
<add^_>Well, when you haven't really done anything correctly, it doesn't really help.
<ashmew2>yeah agreed.
<add^_>I wonder how I should translate C++ classes to Scheme <whatever>..
<add^_>Oh well, wrong channel for that.
<ashmew2>yeah, me learning scheme too.
<add^_>which implementation?
<ashmew2>MIT/GNU Scheme.
<ashmew2>what about you?
<ashmew2>oh yeah that seems a logical choice
<ashmew2>Guile it is :D
<add^_>So, what's up?
<ashmew2>add^_, nothing much man, reading SICP.
<ashmew2>add^_, did you translate the classes yet ? XD
<add^_>nope, went away for a while
<add^_>SICP is awesome :-D
<ashmew2>add^_, oh alright
<ashmew2>add^_, so, you an undergraduate?
<add^_>Not going to school at all :-P
<add^_>Haven't been to University if that's what your asking
<add^_>We don't have that kind of School system here though. Except university, we have quite different names on the school-system-
<ashmew2>we have school from Grade I to Grade XII here, then whatever degree you wanna pursue
<ashmew2>does the GSOC application have to be day-specific?
<ashmew2>You'll do what on what date, i mean.
<civodul>ashmew2: i think Google expects them by May 3rd
<ashmew2>yes, im confused what to put on my proposal for Guix.
<ashmew2>Wow, in love with Scheme already...damn
<ashmew2>civodul, yes i know the dead line date.
<ashmew2>civodul, i was talking about the application templaye
<civodul>ashmew2: honestly, all in all, i'm not sure it would be fruitful to work together on the project you initially mentioned
<ashmew2>civodul, initially mentioned on the mailing list ?
<civodul>yes, the one about Emacs
<ashmew2>i just read your name backwards! :P
<ashmew2>civodul, you mean the package management through emacs?
<ashmew2>any specific reasons for that?
<civodul>well, i'll reply by mail if you don't mind
<ashmew2>civodul, yeah no issues.
<civodul>because IRC makes it easy to fail to convey an idea ;-)
<ashmew2>haha yeah , happens :)
<ashmew2>so , you have anything in mind i should work for ? how about the UI similar to package.el?
<civodul>that needs more thought
<civodul>your input is welcome, too
<ashmew2>i always wanted to make an OS, Guix just fits in right there.
<ashmew2>I'll wait then, not submit an application yet.
<ashmew2>i liked the concept of adding dummy users to a build group and letting the daemon use it, provides something very similar to threads in a way.