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<civodul>Hello Guixers!
<bubu^>hi, is there any distro centered around guix as a package manager ? or a tutorial how to merge guix with a current working OS
<Steap>bubu^: Guix is supposed to become a bootable GNU/Linux distribution
<Steap>bubu^: the README file explains how to use Guix on top of a GNU/Linux distribution
<bubu^>Steap, I don't remember it giving a way not to "pollute" the /
<bubu^>this will conflict with the other package manager
<bubu^>it doesn't seem "easy" for me yet, to setup both properly
<Steap>bubu^: well, it should be :)
<Steap>bubu^: by default, packages are installed in ~/.guix-profile/
<Steap>so you just have to set your PATH to ~/.guix-profile/bin:$PATH
<Steap>and voilĂ 
<bubu^>which does not make it easy for use :) if some of the software are not in the "guix" environment
<bubu^>i just remember having lots of problems with path and things like that
<bubu^>to properly "merge" the OS in / and things from guix
<Steap>well, don't hesitate to talk about that on this chan
<Steap>or to send a bug report on
<bubu^>ok thx :)
<bubu^>will come back next week end when I will re-try with this :)
<Steap>We'll be there :)
<Steap>Hello Guixer!
<civodul>c'mon, make it plural! ;-)
<Steap>Is "guix package --upgrade=''" the right command to use to upgrade my whole system ?
<civodul>well, it's --update=REGEXP, but the empty string is a valid regexp
<civodul>"the whole system" ;-)
<Steap>I tried --update="*"
<Steap>and it did not work
<Steap>which is weird, sicne user will probably assume "*" means "everything"
<civodul>"*" is not a valid regexp
<civodul>should be ".*"
<civodul>which is equivalent to the empty string, i think
<Steap>People are used to type ls *foo*
<civodul>aah, people...
<civodul>i think regexps work better in this case
<civodul>than glob patterns, that is
<Steap>shouldn't we allow --upgrade without an argument
<Steap>I think most users will just want to upgrade the whole thing
<civodul>yes, we should
<civodul>patch welcome :-)
<Digit>i do think using * convention is savvy. regexp is scary to loads of us noobs.
<civodul>hmm, ok
<Digit>or maybe we could start teaching regexp in schools... and courses to get all us adults caught up to speed too. ^_^
<civodul>the untold story is that i don't have a glob pattern API around ;-)
<civodul>but at least the ability to use -u with no arguments should help
*Digit nods
<civodul>anyone tried the binary substituter BTW?
<Steap>civodul: I tried upgrading my packages, and I don't think it fetched binaries
<Steap>patch sent, btw
<civodul>you don't think it fetched binaries?
<Steap>well, it did compile quite a lot of stuff
<Steap>before failing miserably
<Steap>I just re-ran guix package -u, and it's downloading sources
<Steap>does it only work with 'build' and 'install" ?
<civodul>with everything
<civodul>but you must be running guix-daemon either through ./pre-inst-env or installed
<CaptainLex>Oh nice!
<CaptainLex>Hello Guix crowd
<Steap>civodul: # ./pre-inst-env ./guix-daemon --build-users-group=guix-builder
<Steap>still, when I run "pakcage -u", it downloads quite a lot of source files
<Steap>are binaries available for all packages ?
<civodul>those you can see at
<civodul>or /core-updates
<civodul>so that most of them
<CaptainLex>I'm not well-disposed to talk at this moment, but I've been on the mailing list, wishing there was an IRC room
<civodul>CaptainLex: well, there is, so you're welcome to have a chat whenever is a good moment for you :-)
<CaptainLex>I just popped on from my phone to verify that the room was on FN
<CaptainLex>Thanks :)
<CaptainLex>I'm the one who's been searching to get a Summer of Code project going
<Steap>oh, my patch is obviously broken
<Steap>I'll resend
<civodul>CaptainLex: ah ok :-)
*civodul -> bed
<Steap>CaptainLex: feel free to drop by when you have time to talk
<Steap>CaptainLex: I proposed the GSoC subject you're interested in