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<civodul>'lo Guixers!
<jxself>Hi civodul.
<jxself>Since it's the opposite of "low" :)
<civodul>hey jxself :-)
<civodul>how's everything?
<jxself>Just fine. Planning for the day. Need to fix bugs.
<civodul>good, good
<civodul>hopefully Guile 2.0.8 will be uploaded Real Soon Now
<civodul>and then i can do more serious work on Guix
<jxself>You mean your work so far has been less than serious? :)
<civodul>wellll, no, of course not ;-)
<civodul>but that Guile release has been taking quite some time
<civodul>and it looked like we were stuck an infinite feature/bug-fix loop
<jxself>And you've finally met the criteria to exit the loop?
<civodul>apparently yes :-)