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<civodul>Howdy Guixers!
<civodul>gnunet_bot is back
<Steap>Is there a problem with the xorg branch ?
<Steap>$ git pull
<Steap>Your configuration specifies to merge with the ref 'xorg'
<Steap>from the remote, but no such ref was fetched.
<civodul>Steap: it's been merged in core-updates
<Steap>But it has not been deleted ?
<civodul>the head has been deleted, yes
<Steap>why do I still see remotes/origin/xorg when I run git branch -a ?
<civodul>because it wasn't deleted on *your* computer :-)
<Steap>yeah but how am I supposed to know that this branch is not supposed to be used any more (in git, not by reading the mailing list :D)
<civodul>well, in git, you just found out
<Steap>why has it been merged in core-updates, btw ?
<civodul>because time has come!
<civodul>it doesn't make sense to keep an additional branch for too long, IMO
<Steap>no I meant
<Steap>why has it been merged in core-updates rather than in master ?
<civodul>ah hmm
<civodul>because it changes core things, i think
<civodul>though i forgot the details