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<civodul>binary substituter making good progress!
<civodul>hopefully soon we'll be able to download instead of burning CPU cycles
<Steap>what will I do with my broken laptop ?
<civodul>Steap: nice patch, for Python
<civodul>heh :-)
<mark_weaver>civodul: that's great news! (about the binary substituter :)
<civodul>should be more convenient :-)
<mark_weaver>civodul: btw, have you considered using bittorrent as a means of distributing binaries without overloading the server?
<civodul>not really, but that would be an option
<civodul>i considered GNUnet because i'm more familiar with it etc.
<mark_weaver>obviously it would be best to use gnunet, but it sounds like they don't yet have the needed mechanisms to support such usage.
<Steap>civodul: not really nice, I'm afraid we're gonna have to do that for lots of modules (all those that are bindings of a C library)
<civodul>mark_weaver: yeah, that's unclear
<mark_weaver>bittorrent is very nicely designed though, where anonymity is not important.
<civodul>Steap: only those with broken build systems :-)
<civodul>mark_weaver: but you still need to distribute meta-data
<Steap>civodul: well, Python's is broken for all C modules
<mark_weaver>true. we could use gnunet to distribute magnet links, and then bittorrent for the actual binaries.
<civodul>Steap: this must have been addressed in Nixpkgs, because there are plenty of Python modules
<mark_weaver>oh, python is going to give us big headaches, because of their braindead "auto-download + install" stuff that's so widely used.
<civodul>and Ruby Gem, etc.
<civodul>guildhall ;-)
<mark_weaver>if I didn't already have enough reasons to avoid python, the whole "eggs" nightmare would push me the rest of the way :)
<mark_weaver>guildhall is better
<mark_weaver>more like apt-get.
<mark_weaver>in the python world, it has become common practice for people to distribute programs that will automatically download and install new software at unpredictable times (e.g. it could happen when you run a program with a command-line option that you hadn't previously used). ick!
<mark_weaver>sorry for the rant. sometimes I can't help myself :)
<civodul>heh, i sympathize ;-)
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