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<grothoffhome>test 3
<grothoffhome>you wanted an IRC log bot, you got an IRC log bot:
<grothoffhome>Someone who has permissions might want to mention this in the topic, just to make sure people know.
<mark_weaver>grothoffhome: excellent, thanks! :)
<mark_weaver>civodul: ^
<mark_weaver>grothoffhome: we could use one for #guile too, if you're willing :)
<grothoffhome>We're already logging #gnunet, #consensus, #libmicrohttpd, so adding yet-another possibly soon "related" project is trivial.
<grothoffhome>Are you sure all on #guile will be happy with that?
<mark_weaver>there were public logs of #guile for years, until fairly recently when the website went down. Feel free to ask on #guile if you're unsure.
<grothoffhome>Nah, just checking. People can always tell me to turn it off, of course.
<civodul>hello grothoffhome, and hello gnunet_bot!
<civodul>it's warm and friendly here :-)
<civodul>thanks for the bot!
<civodul>mark_weaver: are rotty's logs down?
<civodul>for #guile, i mean
<mark_weaver>for several weeks, yes.
<mark_weaver>gotta go afk for a bit.