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<zimoun>Pipelines raise a new question about licensing. At least, it is not clear for me.
<zimoun>The pipelinee composes the action of various software that might have various licenses. For instance GPL3+ or Expat or non-free.
<zimoun>But it is not the same question as “link“ and “library”.
<zimoun>Must the pipeline be “free software”? Or is it allowed to be “non-free”?
<zimoun>Argh! I am installing a pipeline that rely on Conda, download stuff from Internet…
<zimoun>Bah the kind of day where I feel all what we are doing is just nothing in the ocean of void…
<zimoun>And when I try to explain, the feedback is between “don’t care” and “yeah but we’re locked”
<zimoun>Week-end is welcome! :-)