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<rekado>PurpleSym: on python-team the "meson-python" package fails to build.
<rekado>I only see that 4b623c044fe94e479e905f4b6bb3b305fc19b94f touched the package; I don't understand the failure.
<rekado>(says that a file doesn't exist)
<rekado>oh, I get it
<zimoun>For French-speaker, Café Guix now:
<PurpleSym>rekado: python-argcomplete is probably missing python-setuptools-scm, so it can build with a proper version number.
<PurpleSym>It’s weird there are still so many packages failing due to missing setuptools. I though I built and fixed them all :(
<rekado>yes, just noticed that
<rekado>just pushed the argcomplete fix
<rekado>this is terribly annoying, because it only shows up much later in packages that have a version check