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<civodul>coolio, thanks
<civodul>just printed a copy of the report to see what it’s like
<civodul>the printer at work gives poor results for the cover
<civodul>and it adds a margin
<civodul>i asked whether we could have it “professionally printed”, we’ll see
<rekado>civodul: it is only *now* that I finally got some time to read and write.
<rekado>I’m looking at the pdf and I notice that page 18 has a bad URL underline that extends all the way to page 19
<rekado>civodul: I pushed a draft for the Perspectives section
<rekado>I’d like to remove the blue from the headings
<rekado>and add vertical space above each top-level heading
<civodul>rekado: great, thanks!
<rekado>the umlaut in Max Delbrück looks a bit odd
<civodul>i’m fine with you removing the blue and adding space
<civodul>yeah i noticed, dunno if it’s Garamond Libre being weird
<civodul>rekado: the “Perspectives” section is beautiful, thank you!
<civodul>beautifully worded
<civodul>talking about the challenges to meet folks where they are is a great idea
<rekado>thank you
<civodul>this section is definitely Garamond-worthy
<civodul>(parts i wrote might be more like Times New Roman-level :-))
<civodul>(or Helvetica, even)
<rekado>noticed some more problems
<rekado>in section 2.3 the code examples … don’t look good
<rekado>and we’ve got a few instances where hyperlinks are split across pages; that wouldn’t be a problem on its own, but the hyperlink underline and linkification extends across the footnote section and page number.
<civodul>i’ve pushed a fix for the code snippets
<civodul>for hyperlinks than span over two pages, i’m afraid there’s no much we can do
<civodul>but it’s a on-screen-only defect
<rekado>here’s something a little controversial:
<rekado>yay or nay?
<rekado>changes highlight color to one of the colors in the cover; underline color to the blue in the cover illustration; uses humungous section numbers
<civodul>ACTION looks
<civodul>rekado: neat!
<civodul>go for it
<civodul>should we keep Fira Sans for subsection headings?
<civodul>re \hl, i wonder if it’s ‘guixlight’ is too dark for b&w printing (maybe it doesn’t matter though)
<rekado>I’m not so sure about Fira Sans for the subsections
<rekado>haven’t figured out a better subsection style, though, so I can’t offer a constructive step forward
<rekado>good point about guixlight highlights; there is no lighter color in the cover illustration, but we could just make it less saturated.
<civodul>anyway, these are minor issues, i’m happy with the result so far
<rekado>the Personnel section looks a little odd
<rekado>two things that stick out: the lowercase “independent” starting a list item; and the lack of a paragraph after the list. It just kinda ends.
<rekado>there was also supposed to be a screenshot that doesn’t seem to be in the report