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<rekado>on our cluster “guix shell” is again unusually slow. I dread diving back into NFS settings.
<civodul>hey there!
<civodul>i overhauled the typesetting pipeline of the report
<civodul>which broke the book thing again
<civodul>but it’s creative destruction, you know
<rekado>do you need help?
<civodul>rekado: sure!
<civodul>i see zimoun already fixed the booklet thing, but i just re-broke it
<civodul>i moved everything to LaTeX and i think it looks nicer
<civodul>however, i do LaTeX like i do JS: i have no idea what i’m doing
<civodul>i’m unable to get proper vertical space in the first page, for instance
<civodul>(commit 5224be289b227ed0ce52be3b9b8f8bb3c9a361ee)
<civodul>so if you guys know how to do it, that’d be great
<civodul>also, since it’s all LaTeX, maybe we could \includegraphics the front cover and back cover straight in the initial document
<civodul>instead of going through an extra hop
<civodul>but again, i’m not sure how to do that
<civodul>ACTION pushed a reworked intro
<rekado>one thing I keep noticing (and then forgetting before filing a bug report): our TeX Live config results in a directory called “{” to be created, which contains gnu/store/…-profile/share/, and finally “texmf-dist}”.
<rekado>that is actually supposed to be some kind of variable expansion thing in the config, but it ends up being a literal directory name.
<civodul>oh right, i noticed
<civodul>we shouldn’t run pdflatex from #$output, too
<civodul>that’s easy to fix
<rekado>I don’t understand what full-book.pdf is *supposed* to look like. The rotation of the pages confuses me.
<rekado>my guess is that the rotation is when the backside of a page is printed
<rekado>would it be okay if we always started a new page for a new toplevel section?
<rekado>and then used the titlesec package to give titles more room.
<civodul>full-book.pdf is supposed to be the booklet (as in previous years)
<civodul>and yes, okay to start on a new page for each chapter
<civodul>i’m fond of Garamond
<civodul>even though it feels a better fit for literary works that for this kind of thing :-)
<rekado>Garamond is pretty. My choice is usually, but it also looks best in dense books.
<civodul>looks nice, indeed
<civodul>and very complete
<civodul>rekado: do you feel like *cough* writing something under “Perspectives”?
<civodul>i think that’s pretty much the last missing piece
<civodul>PDF looks mostly good now
<civodul>i’ll be AFK most of the day tomorrow
<rekado>I’ll read through the report tomorrow and see if inspiration strikes for the “Perspectives” section.
<rekado>tomorrow I’ll be rather busy with the bureaucracy, but I hope there’ll be time for writing.