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<rekado>successfully built tensorflow-with-cuda11
<rekado>ACTION prepares the commit for guix-science-nonfree
<civodul>does tensorflow support ROCm too?
<civodul>ACTION updates the authoring pipeline for the report
<civodul>quiz! i have an A4-sized PDF file for the cover and i want to (1) make it A5 and (2) concatenate it to the document; what tool do i use?
<rekado>I would probably try to use gs (ghostscript)
<rekado>do you want to resize the A4 page or cut it into two A5 pages?
<rekado>I thought the cover was meant to be understood as the back (on the left) and front (the A5 segment on the right)
<rekado>civodul: I’ll have to check ROCm support later; problem is that we have no AMD cards here where I could test things.
<civodul>rekado: i’m trying things with gs, not really understanding what i’m doing though
<civodul>gs -o a5.pdf -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sPAPERSIZE=a5 -c "[/CropBox [421 0 842 595]" -c " /PAGES pdfmark" -f orbital-cubes-plus-cover.pdf
<civodul>“statements dreamed up by the utterly deranged”
<rekado>for printing wouldn’t this page just be the outer page? So it would still be printed as A4, but folded around the A5-folded booklet
<civodul>but! i’d also like to have the non-booklet version
<rekado>oh, right
<civodul>so a “regular” A5 PDF
<rekado>so, the above command is supposed to crop the cover to A5?
<civodul>yes, except that the offsets (in points) are slightly off for reasons i don’t understand
<rekado>could it be that orbital-cubes-plus-cover.pdf includes print margins and isn’t exactly A4?
<rekado>(I haven’t checked yet)
<civodul>Evince says A4
<rekado>bleh, our ISC tutorial has again been rejected
<civodul>yup, how fun
<rekado>this seems to work fine: guix shell mupdf -- mutool poster -x 2 orbital-cubes-plus-cover.pdf /tmp/out.pdf
<civodul>the front page is not centered, actually
<rekado>yes, I noticed. Not sure if intentional.
<civodul>i feel stupid: i’m unable to split the PDF, extract a page, merge it with the rest of the document
<civodul>i’ve tried gs, mutool, pdfjam, …
<civodul>everything sucks in its own way
<civodul>gs has rounding errors apparently
<civodul>“mutool draw -o front.pdf orbital-cubes-plus-cover.pdf 1” almost does the job, except that it drops some of the graphics
<civodul>there must be a conspiracy to achieve this level of sadness around PDF tooling
<rekado>yeah, it’s a really frustrating problem space.
<civodul>ACTION tries podofo
<civodul>i committed what i have in ‘doc/build.scm’
<civodul>it kinda works, except for the booklet
<civodul>for some reason pdfbook2 gets it wrong
<civodul>maybe the cover and back are not exactly the right size
<civodul>go figure
<civodul>orbital-cubes-plus-cover.pdf is actually 29.6cm (!) large
<civodul>it misses .1cm
<zimoun_>For the record, one the best unreproducible stuff:
<zimoun_>Hardcoded network proxy
<zimoun_>Then Debian + Conda + Git clone
<zimoun_>But that works… I hope. :-)
<rekado>civodul: oh! You can re-export it from svg.
<rekado>zimoun_: the magic is all in the proxy, freezing the state of the world.
<zimoun_>civodul: A4 -> A5, I use a LaTeX package (as for doing booklet)
<zimoun_>PDF concat, I use:
<zimoun_>civodul: About booklet, I was taking about this:
<zimoun_>rekado: yeah. It reminds us how diverse we are when we speak about reproducible. :-)
<jonsger>civodul: pdfseparate from the poppler package maybe?
<civodul>jonsger: i’ll give it a spin, thanks for the tip!
<civodul>problem is, i managed to do the split/merge with ghostscript
<civodul>but now it might be pdfbook2 that’s broken
<civodul>hard to tell
<civodul>for the record, it’s right here:
<civodul>i take patches! :-)
<civodul>i’ve received a dozen proposals of other tools on the Fediverse, uh
<civodul>(to reproduce, run “guix build -f doc/build.scm” and notice that ‘full-book.pdf’ is wrong)
<zimoun_>civodul: I generate booklet using TeX package name ’pdfpages’. 1. I produce A4 regular PDF then 2. I include it with the LaTeX snippet above and run lualatex and done. No gs.
<civodul>zimoun_: do you think you could squeeze that in ‘doc/build.scm’?
<civodul>pdfbook2 used to work fine, but there’s something here that makes it go wrong
<zimoun_>I will give a look. Maybe it will not work because all the Crop etc.
<zimoun_>Are cover.pdf and back.pdf produced as A4?
<civodul>ACTION has to go
<zimoun_>ouch! When compiling a report for PDF requires boost…
<zimoun_>and samba is also in the picture.
<zimoun_>We have an issue with our graph of dependencies. It is often way too much
<reedm>Hi All, I was very excited to see the blog post on ROCm and HIP coming to guix. In the post, there is a link to "supported GPUs". This list is quite small, and in fact doesn't even contain the gpu used in the example. From some googling, there seems to be a much larger number of GPUs which work, but are not officially supported, but I've had a very
<reedm>hard time figuring out when this is the case. Does anyone here have experience with ROCm/HIP on guix with consumer GPUs?
<rekado>no idea. I also read that a lot more GPUs work, but there’s no official list.