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<rekado>I’m running out of space on /tmp when building tensorflow-with-cuda11. I had about 9GiB left when I started.
<rekado>I feel that tensorflow might be a little excessive in its resource usage.
<old>rekado: 9 out of ?
<rekado>9GB free before I started building it. Turns out that’s not enough.
<rekado>since I can’t easily increase this on the node where I wanted to build this, I’ll have to resort to building it on my laptop instead.
<rekado>(slower but I won’t run out of /tmp space)
<rekado>it’s been going and going for hours…
<rekado>it finally aborted with some linker errors…
<rekado>the internet says I should use bazel 6.1.0 instead of 6.4.0
<tomu>Great news about ROCm and python-jax packages for machine learning people!
<tomu>Does anyone know if there are any efforts to import packages from CONDA into GUIX? Unfortunately, so much ML stuff seems to be only distributed on CONDA.