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<flypaper-ultimat>yesterday, i learned that the satirical 'Journal of Irreproducible Research' was a thing: . Started in 1955, which is quite prophetic. It sdly seems to be no longer alive, otherwise it would have been a great target for something guixy.
<civodul>heh, fun
<rekado>I got a CUDA-enabled version of python-jax to build. Next stop: tensorflow with CUDA enabled.
<rekado>I don’t enjoy working on CUDA stuff :-/
<civodul>ROCm FTW! :-)
<rekado>I’ll add rocm support next
<rekado>very impressive!
<old>Hey happy to see rocm been packaged for Guix :-)
<old>Will rocprofiler be part of it ?
<civodul>old: could be!
<civodul>if you have ideas, we can discuss them
<civodul>obviously they’re not full-time working on Guix packages
<civodul>but if we give them feedback, maybe they can help
<old>Well I would really like rocprofiler. But the version I need is currently internal to AMD I think
<old>I work on the Exatracer for ROCm, so to have the new rocprofiler avaiable on Guix would be awesome. would not required anymore to ssh onto a ubuntu machine
<old>If you could pass a word for me :-) they can get in touch with me at
<civodul>old: alright, noted!
<civodul>they’ll see that there are already high expectations, which is good :-)