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<rekado>a manifest sounds easy enough to do. We have a predicate for bioconductor packages to select all relevant packages in the manifest, and then remove those that we don’t want to build (and whatever package requests them).
<rekado>I’ve been trying to build jaxlib with CUDA support for guix-science-nonfree, but I have to move that work to our HPC cluster as GCC keeps getting killed after running for hours on my laptop.
<rekado>would be nice if we could offload builds to an HPC cluster with a little adapter
<civodul>rekado: i often offload to the build machines we have at work actually :-)
<civodul>GUIX_DAEMON_SOCKET=ssh://… guix build foo
<civodul>that’s very ad-hoc though
<civodul>we should use something like a semi-public Build Coordinator instance
<civodul>or a daemon exposed over websockets
<civodul>guix-bioc is at 93%!
<rekado>guix-cran on the other hand hasn’t received an update for a few days. The importer sometimes doesn’t do the right thing and generates packages that still depend on removed variables.
<rekado>not sure why.
<rekado>oh, never mind: 5 hours ago
<rekado>guess it just takes a long time :)
<civodul>you mean the auto-update script ran 5h ago?
<rekado>it finished running 5h ago, yes
<rekado>yesterday night I checked and it hadn’t have a successful run in 4 days
<civodul>why is that?
<rekado>I noticed that sometimes fetched DESCRIPTION files are empty (or contain #F)
<rekado>these packages aren’t removed, but they don’t result in package definitions.
<rekado>so sometimes we end up with missing packages that other packages still depend on
<rekado>and so the “guix pull” check fails at the end, and the script refuses to update the channel (which is correct).
<civodul>it’s your lucky day: we’ve had a bug report on the French-speaking Mattermost channel, with Bazel failing to build
<civodul>so i’ve invited them to report it at :-)
<civodul>but CI says it builds fine, so dunno
<civodul>(speaking of which, the whole instant messaging thing is getting out of hands)
<rekado>there’s a Mattermost channel … about Guix?
<rekado>bazel builds “fine” for me (as fine as one could reasonably consider the build)
<rekado>I’ve been using it for jaxlib, jax, tensorflow, etc
<rekado>here’s the bug report:\
<civodul>i was referring to the “Café Guix” Mattermost channel:
<civodul>and yes, bazel builds fine on guix.bordeaux AFAICS so I don’t know
<civodul>a channel of ours broke due to changes in guix-science{,-nonfree}:
<civodul>ooh, i think that’s because that channel does not explicitly declare a dependency on guix-science
<civodul>it’s only pulling it transitively
<civodul>ah, it’s more complicated
<civodul>rekado: why does guix-science-nonfree depend on a specific commit of guix-science?
<civodul>copy/paste error?
<civodul>ah no, i’m saying nonsense
<rekado>did I break something?
<rekado>I have been working on (guix-science packages python) until four days ago
<civodul>you didn’t
<civodul>i think we have uncovered a channel bug
<civodul>fortunately it’s easy to work around it
<rekado>huh, I guess we’ve always been lucky
<rekado>we have been using way too many channels for a long time, but people generally only used an explicit list of all channels that I had prepared.