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<rekado>does anyone here know the upstream status of ESS? It has become very hard to try to build ESS in Guix, but the project doesn’t appear to be dead.
<rekado>ACTION unlocked a couple hundred more packages for guix-bioc
<civodul>(and still building)
<civodul>thought is idle hmm
<civodul>fun, unattented upgrade had “upgraded” to the previous version of the config
<civodul>because mcron hadn’t been restarted (so it was still spawning the “old” upgrade job)
<civodul>the workers were all close to ENOSPC, which is why they were idling, waiting for the next “guix gc” job
<civodul>i wonder if ‘cuirass remote-worker’ should automatically GC when that happens
<civodul>a bit radical, but that’s usually what one would expect
<wdkrnls>I'm curious how researchers are using R on Guix.
<wdkrnls>Right now I have a manifest with R + Emacs packages.
<civodul>ACTION doesn’t use R
<wdkrnls>But that is less than ideal. I would have liked to Emacs to be a bit more separated.
<wdkrnls>err... liked for...
<civodul>i guess you could make two different manifests?
<wdkrnls>That obviously creates the shell environments I need. It's just that I'm not really sure how to get Emacs to use them.
<wdkrnls>Presumably it's somehow a matter of using tools like direnv or buffer-env.
<wdkrnls>I think it's just a common issue that if I do the same thing over and over then I figure it out.
<wdkrnls>When I stop doing it, then I forget completely.
<wdkrnls>In the past I had a nice way of connecting to a remote R session.
<wdkrnls>I probably could repurpose that separate R projects.
<civodul>yeah, buffer-env might work
<civodul>anyway, that’d make a good entry for the cookbook!
<wdkrnls>I agree. I keep getting distracted and then forgetting all my git skills :(
<wdkrnls>err patching skills.
<wdkrnls>But I'm getting ahead of myself. :)
<rekado>wdkrnls: are you using ESS to connect to a remote R?
<wdkrnls>I was in the past. Now I'm just taking the same approach.
<wdkrnls>But replacing all that magically ssh incantation stuff with calls to guix shell.
<civodul>hmm workers are approaching ENOSPC again, there must be a set of disk-consuming builds
<rekado>maybe the 1000+ new bioconductor builds?
<rekado>I expanded the set of packages to include experiment and annotation packages and they tend to be larger
<rekado>(the absence of these packages blocked hundreds of regular bioconductor packages)
<wdkrnls>rekado: As simple as
<wdkrnls>Now I just need to make an isolated version.
<wdkrnls>I know the cookbook already has that part :)
<wdkrnls>And it would certainly be convenient to have a helper function which creates well-commented template manifests for me.